July 9, 2021
Neptun is the new strategic partner of SOS Children’s Village family

By building a better version of ourselves today, we are building a better tomorrow .

Over the years, Neptun Macedonia has built the image of a company that provides the latest technology, quality products, but also equal quality care for customers, employees and the environment. In June 2021, Neptun Macedonia began another chapter – establishing cooperation with the SOS Children’s Village in North Macedonia. In the series of support activities, which will be further developed, not only Neptun as a company, but also the employees will participate individually and make a significant contribution.

“Social responsibility has always been part of our strategic plan and every year we supplement it with new initiatives to contribute to our society. The SOS Children’s Village supportive initiative inspired us to create a partnership through which we can involve our employees, so that they have the opportunity to be part of the company’s pride. Employee volunteer activities and SOS Children’s Village programs are just one part of the agenda. We must all show solidarity and empathy, both as individuals and as companies,” said Mr. Goran Cvetinov, Executive Director of Neptun Macedonia.

Neptun employees were present on June 13th to watch the first match of North Macedonia’s national team with the children in the premises of SOS Children’s Village. For Neptun Macedonia, being there for the children of the SOS Village in North Macedonia is of great importance, especially considering the negative effects of the global pandemic.