June 18, 2024
Neptun Kosova supports the Reporting House exhibition in memorial of the war in Kosovo

Twenty-five years after the end of the war in Kosovo, the REPORTING HOUSE exhibition opens in Pristina, which offers the local public and foreign visitors a detailed reflection of the European war that ended the 20th century.

With great pleasure, Neptun Kosova supported this exhibition realized by BIRN Kosova, KALLXO.com, Pristina’s Biennale and Paper Gallery, which present the work of journalists, photographers, and artifacts of the time, accompanied by works of contemporary art that reflect on the impact of the war.

The President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, diplomatic representatives, personalities of the media, politics, art and culture were present at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The head of the project, journalist Jeta Xharra, expressed her gratitude to Neptun Kosova and BALFIN Group as one of the main supporters for the realization of the exhibition. During the visit’s talks, the essential role of the private sector in supporting such events was appreciated, which President Osmani described as a driving force in the realization of important projects.


The REPORTING HOUSE exhibition, realized by Jeta Xharra and curated by Gazmend Ejupi, allows visitors to travel through the conflict that was simmering during the 1990s, from which the movement of the Kosovo Liberation Army was born, which later erupted into war in the 1998s -1999 and culminated in 11 weeks of NATO airstrikes. This led to the liberation of Kosovo and its independence in 2008.

The exhibition unfolds the first draft of this story written by journalists and demonstrates the central role played by the media alongside subsequent artistic interpretations of this story. The public is invited to further understand the extraordinary history of Kosovo and Neptun Kosova has the honor of being part of the realization of this exhibition.

From three locations, the Pristina Merchandise House Gërmia, the Pristina Hammam and the Paper Gallery, REPORTING HOUSE presents about 150 television reports of global networks that were broadcast with filming of Kosovo between 1992 and 1999. These reports promote the work of journalists, photographers, camera operators, translators and local producers who worked on them.

This cooperation follows many social projects supported by Neptun Kosova through the Mane Foundation in the field of education and well-being of the communities where BALFIN Group is present.