October 15, 2018
New investment by Albchrome, 10 million € for a third furnace and 100 new vacancies in Burrel

The Ferro-chrome plant in Burrel is facing a remarkable transformation with a major socio-economic impact in the area, given its miserable condition up to 6 years ago.

In fact, when AlbChrome took this plant over from the previous private owner in 2012, it was not functional as it had completely stopped the activity and for its employees there was no prospect.

But now, AlbChrome has begun studying and is seriously considering the possibility of investing in a third furnace at the plant, which will significantly affect the efficiency and ferrochrome production, and in certain the employment and the economic growth in the area.

In fact, it is expected that this investment will be around 10 million euros and provide at least 100 new vacancies.

AlbChrome’s executives say that there are all the likelihoods that this investment will soon become reality.

It is expected that it will have a major impact in the economic development of Albanian chromium, which will certainly change the livelihood and well-being of hundreds of families in Bulqiza, Klos, Burrel and Elbasan, but not only.

Albchrome, immediately started investing in the plant starting by the acquisition from the previous private owner, implementing a plan aimed in re-activating all the buildings that were up to that point in the conservation.

Up to now, $ 11 million has been invested, most of which went to the construction of a second Ferrochrome Furnace, 12.5MVA high-carbon with two levels of spillage (metal & skid) and auxiliary plants.

This made possible the increment of the production capacity of ferrochrome by doubling it to 36,000 tons of ferrochrome per year, from about 17,000 tons a year ago, when there was only one furnace.

Thanks to this investment, 65 new jobs have been opened at the Burrel Ferrochrome Plant.

Also, these investments have increased the willingness of young people who see this opportunity as their future and therefore many are being orientated towards vocational education. In this framework, it is worth mentioning the financial support and logistics that AlbChrome has provided for the vocational high-schools in Bulqiza and Elbasan, guaranteeing safe work after studies of future miners and metallurgists.

AlbChrome is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region.