April 24, 2019
Online trade in Albania enters another dimension, the largest platform Aladini.al gets launched

The race between traditional and online sales is a race that is deepening day by day. Global statistics are showing how online sales are revolutionizing the market, reducing time and providing tremendous opportunities. Meanwhile, the market and local sales are complying the Internet in a progressive way. The online retail sales segment is steadily growing in Albania.

It is not difficult to become part of the sales sector, but it is the survival which is difficult because competition does not have boundaries. According to studies, in 2040, about 95% of the products will be traded via the Internet. Today, this reality is also gaining momentum in Albania, because Balfin Group has just published the largest online sales platform in the country: www.aladini.al.

Aladini is an innovation that will enable Albanians the most qualitative online shopping experience and will also ease this process. So all buyers in Albania can take advantage of this method that is successful all around the world.

Today, there are 1.92 billion people online, while for companies in our country it is not easy to be competitive and currently in Albania only about 6000 people a day buy online. This happens for several reasons:

It’s not bought on websites abroad because transportation is expensive, cost rises dramatically by adding customs according to the new Albanian law, and the tiny number of card users for online purchases. While platforms within Albania do not provide the right service and product due to the lack of experience or the need for major infrastructure investments that have so far been missing.

Aladini seems to have all what is needed to introduce Albanians to the trend of developed countries. In 2018, Balfin Group acquired DyqanTaxi, the largest online sales company that has served over 20,000 people over the past year. This highly successful online experience, coupled with the Group’s solid infrastructure in retail sales, is expected to create the right formula for even greater success in such an industry.

Now DyqanTaxi enters another dimension with Aladini’s new image and strategy. At present, there are over 60 employees in the company, all dedicated to providing innovation in this market, to make online trading functional for the Albanian consumer as well.

Novelties and the ease that Aladini brings

Given the small familiarity that the customer currently has with online purchases, Aladini has created maximum ease of ordering products, as there is no need for a credit card and even for those who do not want to register, it also makes possible to order by phone.

Also another innovation that Aladdin is bringing is the right to return the product within 14 days. Despite this being a must for the customer, few companies offer it today. Now Aladini also will also this service at your home without the need to leave it.

Another innovation that this platform is bringing is the express delivery. This service for Tirana offers products that can be sent to the destination within 3 hours from the moment of customer order.

These new in-service, combined with online sales power, put over 20,000 products in disposal of the Albanian consumer. Starting with outfits, personal care, home-made products, electronics, car products, books, or baby’s wiper, all can be ordered with just a few clicks from the phone. All of these with the same assurance or trust offered by the Balfin Group. These advantages seem to completely change the reality of online sales in Albania.

Now Aladini is online and can be accessed with just one click.

Aladini is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, known for its investment in commercial centers as QTU, TEG and SEG, residential developments such as Rolling Hills, tourism with projects like Green Coast Resort and Vala Mar Residences, in the banking sector with Tirana Bank, in the mining industry with AlbChrome and Newco Ferronikeli, as well as in retail sales activities with Spar, Neptun and Jumbo store networks.