June 1, 2022
Open Forum with BALFIN Group President, Samir Mane, at Epoka University

The President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, met with students of Epoka University at the Open Forum “From Student to Entrepreneur, the Journey of Building a Successful Business”. Approximately 120 students participated in the forum organized by the university’s Career Planning and Alumni Office in corporation with BALFIN Group. 

The forum followed a business-oriented question and answer format, moderated by Dr. Esmir Demaj, Head of the Business Administration Department at Epoka University. BALFIN Group’s strategy, investments, sustainability, and CSR were some the topics discussed. Moreover, BALFIN Group President’s beginnings in business, approach to work-life balance and his own personal advice on entrepreneurship gathered the most interest from undergraduate and graduate students of various programs.

“My entrepreneurial journey started in Austria, by noticing a demand and grasping an opportunity. Every day is a chance to start a business. I want to contradict the general opinion that says there are no possibilities in Albania. Always stay vigilant. Albania has many opportunities for entrepreneurship as it is still an economy with many needs. That is why we set up the B4Students program, to support students who have entrepreneurial ideas, to give them a head start in business,” said Mane.

BALFIN Group’s President encouraged the attendees to work hard and aim high. He expressed his appreciation for Epoka University students, who at large, have participated in B4Students via the Internship and Employment program, Social Clubs, or the Business Competitions, and invited the ones attending to take part.

The forum was part of a series of activities with higher education as a focus. BALFIN Group’s President has made sure that the support of education is of significant focus in Group CSR initiatives. One solid example is B4Students, a program dedicated to education, powered by BALFIN Group.