December 18, 2018
Over 1,500 Balfin Group employees celebrate the 2018 successes in an unforgettable party

Under “Follow the Stars” motto, Balfin Group celebrated on friday, December 14, 2018, the End-of-Year Party, where many of the employees of various Group companies were invited.



Over 1,500 employees enjoyed the unforgettable evening at the Folie Terrace club, where the best songs ever, were brought by the best singers in the country like Orgesa Zaimi, Kamela Islamaj, Aleksandër Gjoka and one of the most known groups in Kosovo, Offchectra.

The evening moderator was one of the most successful Albanian showman, widely known for his exquisite humor, Ermal Mamaqi.

Participants in this event were also the Group’s President Mr. Samir Mane as well as the Group’s CEO Mrs. Edlira Muka, who held a greeting speech to the audience.

Mr. Mane, with his sportiness and simplicity, climbed twice into the stage to exchange jokes with the well-known comedian, Ermal Mamaqi, and then greeted with every single employee at their table.

The evening surprises did not end, and through 2 lotteries, 40 winners took various gifts.

The environment, specially designed with many stars and whiteness, to symbolize the holiday season and to place the employees, who make the group shine, among the stars and the rock music, were the modern décor that gave the sparkling to the party.

This End of the Year party coincides with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Balfin Group.

This year, the Group added 4 new companies and over 1,000 employees, bringing to over 5,000 the total number of employees.