March 9, 2023
People and companies of BALFIN Group stand in solidarity with those affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

In times of great despair following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, companies of BALFIN Group and its employees joined forces to provide the most necessary support for the communities affected. A total of over 900 packages of food items and hygiene products are on their way to the affected people on both sides of the border.

Donation boxes in the premises of companies made it possible for employees to make monetary contributions. Then, QTU, Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, Fashion Group Albania, Elektroservis, Mane TCI, and OnSolutions in Albania, East Gate Mall in North Macedonia, Neptun, and Jumbo Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressed their support and responded to the emergency.

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The combined efforts resulted in a donation of 900 packages of emergency aid material, including food provisions and hygiene supplies that are necessary to address the urgent needs of people in the devastated areas following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. This solidarity is inherent to the responsibility that BALFIN Group shows towards the community and to the humanitarian approach of its President, Samir Mane.