September 16, 2019
Poka family’s suffering ends, Balfin Group President Samir Mane and Tirana Bank donates them an apartment

In late May, the TV show “Stop” on TV Klan aired the case of the Poka family from Kukës with 4 orphaned children, who lived in dire economic conditions and housing in the North-Eastern district of the country with their mum alone. The orphaned children described their living condition in tears with a trembling voice.

“Stop” and “Fundjavë Ndryshe” addressed the President of the Balfin Group, Mr. Samir Mane, asking for a new home for this family. Mr. Mane responded immediately and in collaboration with Tirana bank, a house was given to the Poka family, completed with all the necessary equipment.

The moment the Poka family entered their new home was extremely moving and was accompanied by tears of joy. Tirana Bank employees also volunteered to donate to the Poka family.

The Executive Director of Tirana Bank, Mr. Dritan Mustafa, who came to hand over the apartment to the Poka family, expressed Mr. Mane’s willingness and initiative to be closer to this family in need and wished its members a prosperous life.

The Balfin Group has been heavily engaged in social responsibility in recent years, paying particular attention to different categories of families or individuals in need. Under the special care of Group President, Samir Mane, there are many sad stories that the group has been trying to change for the better. There are already some homes that have been remodeled and rebuilt from the ground up, completely changing the lives of the families living in them.

Only in collaboration with the Fundjavë Ndryshe Foundation, the Balfin Group is supporting over 37 families facing difficulties in employment, education or medical assistance. But the support that Balfin Group provides through this organization is only part of the total support, because such a contribution is made to many other associations and organizations.