March 1, 2016
Prime Minister Edi Rama visits “Agrocon Albania” greenhouses

Prime Minister Edi Rama visited today “Agrocon Albania” greenhouses in Krutje, Lushnje, where the investment is continuing to raise larger greenhouses, the most modern in the country. He was accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture Edmond Panariti and the Director of USAID in Albania, Mr. Marcus Johnson.
“Agrocon Albania” develops its activity in the field of agriculture. Such activities consist in the construction of protected environments for the production of agricultural products, wholesale and retail of agricultural products in Albania and abroad. The company aims to have a fast and safe penetration in the production and sales market of agricultural products in Albania and abroad, with the purpose of exporting agricultural products to the foreign contractors with whom the company is actually collaborating for the future.

“Agrocon Albania”, with a first phase of 5 million euro investment, is setting up the largest greenhouses in the country with an extension of up to 10 hectares and a total value of 25 million euro investment. The company’s activity includes a number of chain processes, from investment in agricultural production to the construction of a large center for the collection, selection and packaging, with the purpose of export, mainly to the markets of Western Europe.

“We are in the construction phase and in total will go to 10 hectares of greenhouses. Greenhouses are high tech. Albanian product has an extremely large export. It is important to met the standard and the quantity, “- said the representative of the company, Florian Lama.

“Agrocon Albania” is supported in this venture by Balfin Group by financial, logistics, expertise and knowledge and also information. Balkan Finance Investment Group is one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and region. Balfin Group is a well respected actor both in the Albanian and international markets operating in 10 countries. Balfin Group has already established a reputation of its own as the most active and innovative Group, thanks to the successful investments ideas that have transformed and revolutionized not only the market but also the consumer behavior. With the support of Balfin, “Agrocon Albania” aims to become one of the leading players in the field of investment in agriculture by requiring the application of the most advanced technology as well as setting a new standard in the country in this regard.

The Prime Minister Edi Rama, as he was today in greenhouses in Lushnje, said that the 300 million National Fund of Guarantee in agriculture will provide support for credit from banks, with a focus on investments to increase the area planted in the greenhouses and innovative technologies.