January 23, 2020
Quality fun time, how to spend a different day with friends and family

In recent decades, shopping and entertainment destinations have spread widely across the globe. Today’s buyers are looking for more than what is available on just one website.



They search for an experience, and shopping malls are the right destination, as they provide the experience and entertainment to satisfy the tastes of all shoppers who are already anchored not only with shops but with restaurants, bars, cinemas and everything else they find in one shopping center.

Shopping centers are already offering numerous variations and options, offering in-center options that allow consumers to find an area that attracts them and that can be easily adapted. Thus, shopping malls have become a place to spend quality time with friends and family.

As in all over the world, shopping malls are following this trend, but what best suits our country is the most populous mall in the country, Tirana East Gate, or otherwise known as TEG, enabling any visitor to have a variety of choices, to spend a different day.

Weekend Activities

For a truly unique experience and to make visitors familiar with the center, TEG brings ongoing activities and themed weekend events. At certain times, dedicated only to children, centers are buzzing with their voices. But there are also days when the voice of the guest singers transforms the center into a real concert scene.

Free time and fun

When it comes to entertainment, TEG offers numerous choices, including children and adults. You can go shopping easily and check out all the latest collections, while kids can have fun at Blue Park, a corner dedicated specifically to where they can get into the world of entertainment, socializing through various games on offer, from the carousel to a horse or train lane through the center.

And of course, virtual games, which are a novelty of the moment and provide a memorable experience for anyone who tries them and if you haven’t tried them yet, can find them at TEG.

By using so much energy on games, entertainment and shopping, you’ll definitely be hungry. There’s no need to worry, again at TEG, without wondering where, from fast food to home-made or foreign cuisine. You choose! After succeeding in over 100 countries, with over 17,000 points worldwide, the King of Burgers has opened the doors to the Albanian public at TEG Shopping Center. Established in Florida in the 1950s, Burger King is now an undisputed standard not only for its quality and food safety, but also for its unique taste.

The American icon of grilled burgers, an extraordinary worldwide success story, a name well known for its authentic recipe and famous mascot, will bring the delicious tradition being accessible to every Albanian.

And to spend some fun time with friends and family, having lunch or dinner at Ulliri, the newest restaurant in TEG, which comes with a welcoming setting, where the kitchen will exceed your expectations.

Not for nothing TEG has already become the favorite destination of enjoying a meal.

Meanwhile, after a long day you can relax in the modern Cineplexx space. The Cineplexx International Cinema Network brings the premieres in real time, to 7 well-organized halls in central venues. This new year you will be accompanied by the most sought films like “1917”, “Bad boys for life”, “Mulan” or “Doolittle”, among others.

Foreigners choose “TEG”

 But, TEG is not only chosen by the residents of the capital. During a stroll in the center, you cannot miss the visitors from other countries, who come to see Tirana and have TEG on their list of visits.

“Here you can find everything, reasonably priced clothing, delicious food and everything for make-up. When I return to Bitola, I will recommend TEG to my friends,”says Mihaela Stojanovska, from Northern Macedonia – who visited the center for the first time.

For residents of the capital, TEG is always the first choice, when it comes to shopping, or even getting kids out of their daily routine.

“The activities are very fun, we always bring our children whenever there are activities. They need to see, to be active, not only staying at home. We come shopping, the kids play… We are very pleased with these arrangements,” says Ms. Majlinda from Tirana, who brings her grandchildren to the center every afternoon.

The TEG Shopping Center is managed by ACREM, which is part of the Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region.

ACREM Executive Director Mariola Radovani says:

“TEG has already established a culture of shopping and has consolidated itself as a destination offering high quality products and services. Despite the fact that we offer everything possible and necessary for a pleasant day at our center, again keeping in mind the fun of our clients and visitors we organize thematic artistic and cultural events for all ages in order to provide an unforgettable experience “.

TEG promises more surprises and next newness to make your days truly special in the most crowded Shopping Mall in the country.