April 23, 2021
Retail Park, Balfin Group’s new venture expected to extend across the country

BALFIN Group will soon launch a new venture, fundamentally representing an innovative business model.Denominated the Retail Park, this project consists of the construction of a commercial building, along with common public spaces and green areas.

Korça, being the city of serenades and cradle of civilization, will be the city to lift the curtain of this premier business model.  4 well-known brands will be accommodated in this shopping mall, selectively chosen to meet the basic consumer’s daily life requirements, by providing quality products in key sectors, such as food industry, electronics, fashion, toys for children, interior design etc.

The commercial complex provides with a variety of choices of shops, similar to shopping malls, placed in a building with a more consolidated structure, thus enabling more free spaces available to citizens.

Furthermore, Retail Park represents the pioneer investment of its kind in the city of Korça, and in this area of Albania as well, which beyond the embodied tradition and opportunities, has suffered for a long time due to the lack of substantial investments in this category.  Moreover, the project is intended to develop in an area where there is a scarcity of investments, located at the city entrance, close to the new Intercity Bus Terminal. In this perspective, the scope is to establish the foundations for the re-qualification of the entire area, turning this project into a prominent catalyst for the development of the whole district of Korça.

The investment is expected to be realized in early 2022 and will be the first cornerstone of its kind, as the Retail Park model will be later extended by BALFIN Group to other cities in Albania, such as in Vlora, Elbasan, Tirana and beyond.

Upon the project completion and making the centre feasible and operational, Korça city and its outskirts will benefit of 90 newly emerged job vacancies.

Situated in an area of 7124 m², the building structure will be composed of light-weighted construction materials, a perfect combination in respect of nature and preservation of urban features of the city. The novelty relies on putting side-by-side, under the same roof, the best well-known local and international brands. Given that the area lacks shopping malls, this investment is expected to impact the rapid development of the area in a substantial and positive way, by facilitating and elevating the living standards of citizens, and therefore avoiding long-way travelling to the capital for this purpose.