April 7, 2021
Samir Mane and BALFIN Group to support three sisters in Shkodra with a new home

The sufferings of the three Çokaj sisters, who live in a ruined building, sick and in extreme poverty, in Grudë-Fushë of Gruemirë, in Malësi e Madhe (Shkodra county), seem to have come to an end.

They had appealed for help to the municipality of Malësi e Madhe, state institutions, various associations and civil society, not only for basic food but also for the construction of a decent house where they could take shelter.

This case was broadcasted on TV Klan, on the TV show “Stop” and during the show, the President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, intervened through a live broadcast, informing the TV show hosts, that he would take over the finding of a new house for the three sisters in question.

Their case had touched the hearts of Albanian people, as the two older sisters never married due to mental health problems and in these conditions, their third sister Zuke, decided to sacrifice herself by devoting her entire life to taking care of Dushe and Mine, but even she is seriously ill today. Mine, the 80-year-old sister and Dushe, the other 74-year-old sister who make a living by begging on the street and at the village cemetery, appealed for help.

Their request has already been heard and they will have a more dignified retirement in the new home that will be available soon to them by BALFIN Group.

BALFIN Group, under the special attention of the President of the Group Samir Mane, pays special attention to social responsibility, to be as close as possible to communities and people in need and implements a coordinated strategy for all his companies, not only in Albania but also in other countries where it operates.

The Group is one of the few Albanian businesses, which has in its focus the sustainable development of the communities where it operates, adhering to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), the UN Sustainable Development Goals, for which the Group has designed a genuine action plan, following in the footsteps of many international companies.

During 2020, the Group has contributed by around 1 million Euros to various causes of social responsibility, without taking into consideration the 1.2 million Euros, donated in favour of the people affected by the November 26th, 2019 earthquake in Albania.