May 26, 2017
Smart Point, a new business model in the Albanian market

Neptun Ltd presents the newest business model in the Albanian market. The new retail network is called Smart Point and operates in the retail and e-commerce segment, dedicated to the sale of smartphones, smart devices, telecommunications services, value-added and after sales services. This concept provides an advanced customer experience regarding to the environment and structure of product categories. The development of this concept is based on creating an interactive “customer experience with products”.

 The key competitive advantages of Smart Point are the variety of products (especially smartphones), authorized warranties, alternative payment methods, and all of these products and services at very competitive prices.

Smart Point deals with mobile phones, accessories, gadgets, games, digital products and batteries. But Smart Point stores are not just about covering customer needs for products. In this network, consumers can find a one-stop solution for all telecommunication needs. Smart Point is the only organized network that provides services for Telekom, Albtelekom and Vodafone. In addition, it offers subscriptions to all digital TV platforms such as Digitalb, Tring, Albtelekom and soon Abcom, while customers are also able to pay their monthly bills for UKT and OSHEE or pay fines given by the police. 

Smart Point is part of the Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and the region.