December 16, 2020
Spar Albania continues to expand its chain of supermarkets in Tirana

Spar Albania has just opened the doors of its 60-th store in Albania and 24-th in Tirana, specifically in the Boulevard “Bajram Curri”, in the area also known as “Brryli”.

Spar Supermarket near “Brryli” will bring over 5,400 products covering every single need and request of customers and ensuring the best quality. The customers will now be able to have food products in this area, but not only, more quality and standards according to the protocols and European certificates of controlled products transportation and storage, the best prices and daily offers. Also, all Spar buyers can benefit from the only scheme in Albania which rewards loyalty, i.e. the Happy Card.

Being asked on the occasion of this supermarket opening, a customer who went there to buy said: “It is even better now that they came here in the neighbourhood of Brryli, and we do not have to always drive the car or take the bus to other neighbourhoods or further away. I came because I know this brand as I have been in emigration to Germany since 1991, and when I was there, I would buy to Spar“.

Under the motto “Live better, spend less!” SPAR Albania trades over 40,000 items where 15% are local products. These products occupy 28.5% of SPAR’s turnover, making it among the most dedicated supporters of local producers and local entrepreneurs. Also, about 1100 items are fresh produce.

In addition to the highest quality Albanian products, SPAR is the provider of the best Italian, Austrian, German products of a special line of SPAR International or DeSPAR, from the best European manufacturers.

Today, SPAR serves to an average of about 25,000 customers per day taking care that they make their purchases in a safe and clean environment, with maximum hygiene standards, because the health of staff and customers is in the primary focus of the company. Also, starting from March 2020, Spar Albania is offering to its customers the opportunity to shop online through the application and platform This new channel has been welcomed by consumers and has increased the number of sales every day.

During these 4 years in the market, SPAR managed to expand its network of stores to the largest cities in the country, with the sole purpose of being even closer to the customer. With 44,000 m2 gross store area, in 4 years, SPAR Albania has become one of the largest chains in the country. With the ambitious expansion plan, within 2021, the expansion of SPAR will continue with 16 new markets, which is expected to increase the number of employees to over 1,600 employees.

SPAR was founded in 1932 in the Netherlands. SPAR International operates a chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets in 44 countries and 4 continents, with over 13,700 stores. The company offers fresh, packaged food products, non-food products, animal products, etc.

Spar Albania is part of the Balfin Group, one of the most important and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans region, with an unconsolidated net turnover of more than EUR 620 million for 2019.