April 7, 2020
Spar Albania donates 10 thousand masks and gloves to the State Police

Balfin Group once again responded to an emergency that our country is going through, right after having supported communities in Bulqiza and Burrel with AlbChrome company.

This time, in the framework of community benefit initiatives, Spar Albania donated to the State Police 5’000 masks and 5’000 pairs of protective gloves (10’000 units) to be used by the police forces during the war with the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The handing over of the masks and gloves was carried out in the premises of the General Police Directorate in Tirana, in order to further distribute them to the police forces on the ground.

During this difficult period, the State Police is every day on the streets interacting with citizens, trying their best t control and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Being in constant contact, the police themselves are among the most exposed to the virus. Knowing the situation and challenge for them, Spar Albania decided to help by donating protective materials. This donation of Spar Albania for the blue uniforms was made under the special care of the President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane.

During the delivery of masks and gloves, the Director of Support Services in the State Police, Theodhori Gravani, said: “I thank Spar Albania and the BALFIN Group for their valuable contribution, which comes at an important and delicate moment. The donation of masks and gloves helps not only to preserve health of our police force but also the citizens themselves in the continued daily work done fighting against COVID-19.”

While the representative of Spar Albania, Granada Flaga, said that: “There was no way we could not be present in these difficult days for the State Police, which, as doctors, are at the forefront to save citizens’ lives. Today, SPAR donates 10,000 masks and gloves and we hope that this will be an aid for the State Police to be on service for citizens. We are all grateful for their work.”

The Police, along with doctors, nurses, the armed forces, firefighters, vendors, freight distributors, etc., remain on the front line to deal with coronavirus.

It is not the first time that BALFIN Group companies have helped cope with national emergencies. Even for families affected by the earthquake of November 26, 2019, companies of BALFIN Group donated 1.2 million euros. The BALFIN Group aims to sustainably and long-term improve communities through economic development, employment growth and social investment.