August 11, 2017
SPAR Albania expands its network and continues the investment plan all over the country

SPAR, one of the world’s most well-known brands and leader in Western European countries retail trade, has been present in the Albanian market for almost a year, recognized for the high quality of products, exceptional service standards, attention to customers and the community.

SPAR Albania already counts 3 INTERSPAR hypermarkets and 23 SPAR supermarkets throughout the country, while 4 new SPAR supermarket openings are expected to be inaugurated in Korça, Elbasan, Lezha and Tirana over the next few months. With the scope of activity, the SPAR supermarket network is close to a larger number of customers.

At the same time, Balfin Group is continuing with the investment and expansion plan, where with an investment of over 50 million EURO, it will promote the development plan in the entire territory of Albania, expanding the network with over 100 supermarkets and 10 hypermarkets, serving customers with quality products and services, becoming the largest network of food and consumer products.

In all INTERSPAR hypermarkets and SPAR supermarkets, consumers have the opportunity to find modern spaces, excellent products, reasonable prices and above all an excellent customer service.

In SPAR stores, all customers have the opportunity to apply for MY SPAR CARD, a loyalty program that rewards loyal customers in the best way. SPAR offers Albanian consumers quality, diversified and unique western products with prices for all categories of buyers, taking care of them with numerous offers and promotions. SPAR is adding every day the range of quality products from all product categories under the name of SPAR to Europe’s most prominent countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands etc. With over 3,000 new guaranteed products, the preservation of which are made according to European standards, starting from transport, storage and shelf placement.

With the success of SPAR in Albania, the strength of Balfin Group is furthermore confirmed, capable of bringing in the biggest brands and biggest names in the field of retail but also in every other field in which it operates.