November 6, 2017
Spar Albania gives away an Apartment in the Year End lottery

Spar, the international brand of retail sales, is already part of the Albanian market for a year and has received significantly the attention of consumers. This is thanks to the fact that within such a short time – just a year ago – it has managed to provide an excellent quality-price ratio throughout the rich range of products traded at all points of sale.
SPAR has tried and has managed to offer novel concepts and programs in the Albanian market.
During this year, it has worked in increasing customer satisfaction by offering not only diverse choices, food safety, super offerings, but also reward schemes where customers have won car, household appliances, free purchases, etc.
Also for a year now, it is offering a very attractive loyalty scheme, through My SPAR card, which is freely taken from customers who benefit every day free vouchers, gifts and many other benefits.

Spar, Tirana Business University, Tirana Bank Some of the new programs and concepts have been the lotteries, where can be mentioned the lottery that enabled to customers 72 household appliances and 1 Ford Fiesta on 0 Km. Campaigns that SPAR pursued during the past year were focused on customers, offering the best offers, the most well-known brand products, and ensuring that products are controlled under the SPAR standard.
Spar offered many gifts to customers, where summarized by all the lotteries can be said that these gifts were given within a year:
• 6 cars
• 105 household appliances,
• Summer Holiday in Alanya Turkey Ultra All Inclusive, for some families.
• Buy and Win, 10,000 winners where children benefited over 9900 gifts and 100 clients earned prizes in the value of SPAR spending expense.

Considering that maximum satisfaction and customer experience is top priority at SPAR Albania, many events have been organized.
“Games and fun for kids, gift baskets, gifts for ladies, gifts and celebrations for the birthday of our loyal customers are just some of the things we’ve been offering to make our customers feel like in their families.” – says Anisa Meci, Marketing Manager at SPAR Albania. At the same time, innovation has also been the organization of Cooking Shows, giving customers the opportunity to learn and enjoy the most special recipes prepared by the most well-known kitchen chefs in Albania and Italy.

In this first anniversary, SPAR is communicating the giveaway gift to its customers, an apartment. Dear readers, on December 31, 2017, SPAR will give away a super apartment in Tirana, part of the Tower Bridge 3 residences, built by Orion Construction. The apartment is a quality building and is located in one of the newest and most comfortable areas in Tirana.

For the coming year, SPAR will continue to offer the best offers, according to an excellent quality-price ratio, various prizes with the possibility of getting different things, being part of cooking shows, parties, gifts, games and entertainment.
SPAR is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region.