June 29, 2022
SPAR Albania is the champion of Balfin Football League

SPAR Albania won the Balfin Football League last night, the first football championship among BALFIN Group’s companies.

In a fiery and festive atmosphere, and in the presence of a large number of fans, the players of SPAR Albania managed to beat the BALFIN IT team in the finale held last night in Tirana with the result 5-3 and lift the cup, which was handed over to captain Bilbil Laçi by a distinguished Albanian football personality, such as Sulejman Demollari.

Erind Tanko, of the BALFIN IT team, was named “Best Player of the Championship”, while the Jumbo team received the title of “Fair Play”.

The players of both teams and various fans from the companies of BALFIN Group, came together after the match in a party organized especially for them, near the Lake of Tirana.

The first football championship included 140 players of 9 teams and hundreds of fans in 39 matches in the span of 12 weeks, characterized by sporting rivalry, a high racing spirit and fair play. It was organized in cooperation with the Albanian Football Federation, under the supervision of professional referees Gerant Qirici and Bledar Mesi. Other participating company teams were BALFIN HQ, ACREM, Jumbo, Mane TCI, Neptun, Scan TV, and Tirana Bank.

This championship, which started as a social club founded by employees, is already expected to turn into an annual tradition and be perfected in organization from year to year, motivated by the interest demonstrated by staff to play football with colleagues.

BALFIN Group is an avid supporter of sports in both CSR and employee engagement. As a firm believer of utilizing sports to promote an active lifestyle and boost teamwork, its establishments of employees’ championships in volleyball and football have earned it a spot among the few companies in the region that organize internal activities of this scale.