November 26, 2021
SPAR celebrates 5 years of international standards

Five years ago, BALFIN Group introduced SPAR to the Albanian market for the first time, the global giant that extends to 48 countries and four continents. Actually, SPAR Albania represents the only network with two hypermarkets and 64 markets operational in the entire territory of the country, as well as with its own-branded products produced in Europe.

SPAR supermarkets in Albania provide a range of about 40,000 products, including food categories, beverages, cosmetics, detergents and many more. The SPAR international group produces about 12,000 own-branded products in Europe and distributes them in each and every respective market it operates, thus ensuring the same quality everywhere. Furthermore, considering the features of our public, the local stores provide specific items tailored for the Albanian market, in line with the international standard of SPAR. Moreover, various local producers regularly supply the SPAR network with the highest quality products. “Live better, spend less” is the promise to customers, which SPAR considers fully feasible due to the variety of products, lower prices and best storage conditions.

According to the Executive Director of the company, Elona Hametaj, SPAR will stand even closer to its customers next year, with 15 new stores and new technological innovations for buyers. “We are ready to combine digital services with human interaction and in the meantime the online shopping platform is being radically renewed. SPAR is safely moving towards becoming the main international food network in Albania within five years “, she says.

SPAR’s fifth anniversary is accompanied by a diversity of offers and discounts, in addition to the usual benefits that all points of sale of the company provide to citizens on a daily basis.