April 17, 2020
SPAR distributes 5 tons of food to 100 families in need in Kamza

Kamza, Albania. Spar Albania has helped today 100 families in need in Kamza, immediately after the request of its municipality.

The restrictive measures taken to face the situation of COVID-19, have made life even more difficult for these families, which even in normal conditions live with only social assistance.

Spar Albania, as part of BALFIN Group and on behalf of its social responsibility, gladly responded to this request.

Irena Dhimitri, representative o Spar Albania, considered it a moral obligation to be close to communities in need and during the delivery of 5 tons of food, she emphasized that Spar Albania and Balfin Group have always done unsparingly and will do even more under these circumstances that dictates greater care and quicker response to those in need.

The Mayor of Kamza, Rakip Suli, thanked SPAR for help and support given to his fellow citizens, remembering that this was the second company from Balfin, which responded within a few days to his call to help residents of this city so close to Tirana.

Spar Albania also supported the State Police about a week ago, helping with the donation of 10,000 masks and protective gloves.

Meanwhile, the company has supported with food aid over 100 families in the areas of Bulqiza and Burrel during the emergency spread of COVID-19.

Initiatives mentioned above were carried out under the special care of the President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane.