November 9, 2017
SPAR says you “Tungjatjeta,” for a childhood full of dignity!

World Vision started from July the “Tungjatjeta” social program, which is fully supported by Balfin Group as one of the strategic partners. “Tungjatjeta” offers visits and services for children with disabilities, in the remote areas of the country, in their apartments. “Tungjatjeta” through the mobile unit offers consultations also for legal guardians, family members and community members where the child lives.

Balfin Group is determined to promote the highest social values and show support for the community where it operates. Balfin Group believes that the growth of a business must be accompanied by the development and the growth of the social community, and therefore Tungjatjeta is highly appreciated as by many other businesses in the country.
Thanks to the support of the Balfin Group, the “Tungjatjeta” has managed to create a huge impact throughout the country, generating numerous contributions from Albanian citizens.
Spar Albania, as part of Balfin Group, is giving its’ contribution in the framework of the initiative by personalizing the Spar water with dedicated label and for each bottle sold, and donating 5 ALL in support of the “Tungjatjeta” program.
At the same time, Spar has created corners for donation boxes in each supermarket as a way of inviting anyone who wants to make a small contribution to these children, believing that together we can do much more!