November 21, 2018
Sporting and fun activities, how is Neptun strengthening its team spirit

Competition in the retail sector requires constant preparation and a staff who does not consider the job merely a task but is motivated to work and to overcome challenges with continuous dedication.

This certainly is not exclusively achieved through highly selected and well-trained staff, as human element is what really links a team and gives it the spirit of being a big family, acting for the same purpose.

To this end, Neptun, the national leader of the household appliances market, successfully organized “Neptun Happy Teams”, the largest event ever organized by the company.

This was a unique and well-designed activity, almost involving all of Neptun’s staff (more than 400 employees).

Thus, employees had the opportunity to get to know each other better, to enhance team coordination, cooperation and competition through entertainment.

This event focused in numerous entertaining games of a competitive nature. For this reason, this first edition of Neptun Happy Teams was called “The Challenge”. The staff were able to participate in the first phase of this event, during its 4 weeks, organized in teams, which collected points from various games.

Eight of the qualified teams from the first phase challenged each other in the second phase competing in Arrow&Bow and Beer-pong games.

The four teams that featured the best teamwork abilities and the best spirit of competition were the winners of 4 surprise awards.

Sporting health benefits as well as the very positive feedback of staff from this activity, give the company the assurance that Neptun Happy Teams will become a successful annual tradition.

Neptun’s Human Resources Department has always been dedicated to its employees in order to create a friendly environment by combining various initiatives such as “Coffee with colleagues” or “Start the day in healthy manners”.

In large companies, where not all employees can get to know each other well, because of the high number of human resources and profiles, these activities serve to create new synergies and make the work environment more familiar.