We are committed to promote higher social values and show care for our community and environment. We believe that business growth must be accompanied by a parallel community development and social growth culture wherever it operates. Therefore, we always appreciate and take active care of social and environmental policies and application development projects throughout Group network structure. Our corporate social responsibility and contribution towards the community and society is a mission we take very seriously.

We aim to make sure that our business activities weigh in as an investment in improving the social employment conditions, infrastructure, health care, education and culture in the communities in which we operate.

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Our core values in terms of social responsibility transform into concrete actions throughout the organization, from strategies to everyday decision-making. Our most effective and charitable social contributions are made through strategic collaborations with most prestigious organizations, which are dedicated to community awareness generating their direct involvement. Our companies are not limited to providing jobs for local communities in which they operate but strive to make a positive impact in the lives of families and country.

We are always engaged in serious efforts for social welfare, because of moral obligation and sustainability. Our CSR strategy ties in with overall Group business strategy and addresses real social needs.

During 2019 we have organized hundreds of CSR activities, which have had huge impact in communities and beyond. We have given a wide contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of individuals and communities, have supported innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs, have given special attention towards institutions and organizations that provide services for children with Down Syndrome, people with autistic spectrum disorders, the elderly and persons with terminal illnesses, as well as shown awareness about environment protection, education, art and culture. There are more than 70 activities organized every year.

For 2020 a budget of 900 THOUSAND EUR is allocated for this purpose.

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Our key pillars in social programs
Health & Well-being
Poverty Alleviation

In the light of modern globalization issues and environmental protection strategies, it is our special mission to consider these topics by assessing any potential impact during project implementation.

We have received the Philanthropy Award from Partners Albania for its great work in social responsibility.

Latest Social Programs
Tirana Bank Students Hub, first 8 students employed

Tirana Bank is always supportive of young people who aim to grow professionally and be part of the banking system. Under the motto “Learn by Doing”, 26 students had the opportunity to become part of the internship program “Tirana Bank Students Hub” throughout June-August 2021. “Tirana Bank Students Hub” is a space dedicated to young […]

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Fashion Group Albania donates 30,000 euros of clothing

Fashion Group Albania, a company of BALFIN Group, donated to the Municipality of Tirana clothes worth about 30,000 euros

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Balfin Group participates at U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim Talks with AmCham Representatives on COVID-19 Challenges

Balfin Group attended a video call meeting held on April 29th, where U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim discussed COVID-19 challenges with the AmCham Board and a number of CEOs from the member community. The Ambassador highlighted the important role AmCham has played in identifying business issues on the ground and recommending feasible and impactful solutions to […]

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From professional education to employment, the drastic change for the future of the youth in Bulqiza

The revival of mining industry and the orientation towards professional education are yielding the first fruits in Albania. 35 high school graduates of Bulqizë Geology-Mining high school are the first generation of all time graduating in their profile in the famous chrome ore city. After four years of studying, graduates have managed to end up […]

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Balfin Week at UET – Balfin Group comes to university auditors

In the framework of the strategic partnership between Balfin Group and the European University of Tirana, last week were held the “Balfin Week at UET”, which consisted of open lectures with UET students, where were invited some of the top executives of the Balfin Group . This week’s lecturers were: Anjeza Kelmendi – Group’s Human […]

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“Your Bussines Idea” – Start Up 2018, Balfin Group gives you the opportunity to accomplish your dream of being a successful business person

Have you ever had a dream that you could not accomplish? Would you like to help your community, to contribute for Albanian society and have a genial idea? If you have a business idea and aim to make a fundamental change in your life and others life, this is the right moment. After the success […]

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Sorra’s Family dream for a new home, becomes true by Balfin Group

Everyone remembers the sad story of Sorra family, aired two months ago in “Stop” TV-show. Living conditions were in the margins of survival, while the householder was very ill. As he no longer lives today, his family, wife and the three children now have a new and warm home. It was Samir Mane, President of […]

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Balfin Group participates “Mentor with IMPACT” program

Balfin Group will participate Mentor with IMPACT program. Mentor with IMPACT is a new mentoring program for woman entrepreneurs and professionals organized by ICC Albania with the support of the embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Skopje and Macedonian Mentoring Network. Project aim is to support woman entrepreneurs and professionals from Macedonia, Albania […]

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Balfin Group strongly supports the afforestation of the Tirana city

Balfin Group as many other businesses has joined Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj’s initiative for the greenery of the city “Donate a Tree”. In this campaign, through SPAR and Mane TCI part of this group, it was made possible to donate hundreds of trees. Among the donated trees,cypress can be mentioned as a symbol of the […]

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Albania becomes part of the global education network “Teach for All”, with the support of Balfin Group as a strategic partner

Challenge the impossible through education! Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in the country and one of the largest in the region, has joined “Teach for Albania” education program as one of its strategic partners. Teach for Albania is part of the world’s largest education network “Teach for All”, present in 46 […]

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The finalists of the second edition of “Your Business Idea” program present their projects

On February 16, Balfin Group welcomed the finalists of the program “Your Business Idea” in its premises. After an intensive work for weeks by the Steering Committee, the selection of the best projects was made possible, based on the ideas presented and feasibility studies. Out of over 50 competitors who qualified in the second phase […]

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Balfin Group completes the wish of Silvana for a sewing machine and donates 3 years pension for her little son

After the broadcast of the “Fiks Fare” show, the story of Mrs. Silvana, differently able from Delvina, there was an immediate response by Balfin Group. The mother of two children, who couldn’t speak and even hear, lived in very difficult economic conditions with her mother, who suffers from a mental illness and occasionally becomes violent. […]

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The family in poverty/Balfin Group responds to the call of Fundjave Ndryshe to build the house

The history of Sorra family touched the entire audience during the broadcast on STOP program at TV Klan. The household’s head, Ferit Sorra, suffers from a terminal illness, meanwhile he does not even benefit from the KEMP. This family, living very close to the capital, is in very difficult conditions with only 6,000 ALL per […]

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Balfin Group supports families in flooded areas, with household appliances and food products

Balfin Group has responded to Top Channel’s call for being part of the coordinating task force of the emergency aid collection process of families who were injured during the recent floods in various areas of Albania. Part of the Task Force are Balfin Group, Top Channel, Tirana City Hall and Telekom Albania, which have called […]

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Balfin Group organizes a festive activity for children of killed policemen

Already as a tradition, this year’s end finds Balfin Group near people who mostly need love and attention, to wish and to donate, also to give the message that none of them is alone in the holidays. Balfin Group through SPAR and JUMBO companies has organized a great party for children of the killed policemen, […]

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Balfin Group donates over 1700 books for the Lezha City Library and supports the incentive of mobile library in rural areas

Lezha City Library has been enriched with more than 1700 new book titles at a value worth 1.2 million lek. This effort has been made possible by Balfin Group with the special attention of Groups’s President Mr.Samir Mane. Mr. Mane has visited the library premises and was present during the donation of the books together […]

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Gifts from AlbChrome to its staff for end year season.

In this holiday season, the miners of AlbChrome, part of Balfin Group, have had a pleasant surprise. In all facilities where this company operates, including Bulqize Mine, Burrel Ferrochrome Factory, Processing Factory in Elbasan and Traverbank Klos, employees were presented with gift packages which are distributed under the auspices of the Balfin Group’s President Mr. […]

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Balfin Group continues long term cooperation and signs an agreement with “Fundjava Ndryshe” foundation to support families in need

Balfin Group and The Foundation “Fundjava Ndryshe” have signed today a cooperation agreement. Through the Balfin Fund, raised under the auspices of Mr. Mane, President of Balfin Group, this agreement aims to help families in need to improve the living conditions, providing a scholarship to TBU and returning values and importance of having an active […]

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Balfin Group helps the family in extreme poverty

The history of the extreme poverty of Bicaku family in the village of Thanasaj in Lushnja, shocked and touched the entire audience during the broadcast of the reportage in “Opinion” show. Due to health problems, none of the members of this family have been assessed as capable of working, and the food and other basic […]

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SPAR says you “Tungjatjeta,” for a childhood full of dignity!

World Vision started from July the “Tungjatjeta” social program, which is fully supported by Balfin Group as one of the strategic partners. “Tungjatjeta” offers visits and services for children with disabilities, in the remote areas of the country, in their apartments. “Tungjatjeta” through the mobile unit offers consultations also for legal guardians, family members and […]

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Balfin Group announces the qualified of the first phase of Your Business Idea program

On 4th of October, Balfin Group launched at Tirana Business University premises, the second round of “Your Business Idea” program. The number of projects received to the Balfin Group’s official address exceeded thousands of applications by individuals or creative groups from all the Albanian speaking areas. After an intensive work for many weeks in row […]

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Balfin Group, promoter of the Albanian culture and tradition, supports Etno Vibe Style Museum

The last weekend of September, “TI Institute” brought for the first time the “Etno Vibe Style Museum”, to promote the integration of the Albanian ethnography and Albanian identity to younger generations and modern dimensions. With the special initiative of Mrs. Eva Mane, this activity was fully supported by Balfin Group.

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Balfin Group, promoter of the Albanian culture and tradition, supports Za Festival

Culture, tradition and national values are one of the main pillars in which Balfin Group’s social programs are based. Balfin Group is committed to promote higher social values and show care for community and environment. We believe that business growth must be accompanied in parallel with the development and cultural growth of the community where […]

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“Donate your book” – TEG Initiative for book donation

A book is a dream you keep in your hands – Neil Gaiman “Donate Your Book” is the name of the newest initiative that TEG shopping center has undertaken on the beginning of the new school year. TEG invites all those who are able to support this initiative and wish to donate their books, to […]

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Tungjatjeta, World Vision’s Social Program, gets the strategic support of Balfin Group in Albania

Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative group of investments in Albania and one of the largest in the region, joins the World Vision social program, “Tungjatjeta”, as one of the strategic partners of this program. The leaders of Balfin Group expressed their readiness to cooperate and support the social program Tungjatjeta. The World Vision […]

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Differently able people find employment in Balfin Group

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility nowadays has a major impact on motivating, developing and retaining employees. An International Study on Social Responsibility for Human Resource Managers, conducted by the Human Resource Management Society, reveals that CSR practices are seen as very important in employee morale, in their loyalty, protection, recruitment of the best employees, and in the […]

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Balfin Group celebrates with the children at QSUT

Balfin Group, on the occasion of the 1st of June, comes to the aid of children hospitalized in the QSUT at the Children’s Hospital in the Pavilion of Oncohematology. Through the companies SPAR Albania, Fashion Group and Jumbo, and in support of the Foundation “You Are a Sunflower”, Balfin Group has donated toys, clothing and […]

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Green Coast, part of Balfin Group – the official sponsor of the 9th FAI World Precision Parachuting Championship

Green Coast, as a supporter and promoter of tourism in our country, was the official sponsor of the 9th World Precision Parachuting Championship, held in Vlora on 5-13 May. Over 200 parachutists, judges and Team Leader from 28 countries around the world participated in this giant competition. Massive participation, the highest ever recorded in the […]

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Balfin Group’s companies, FoodWay and TLP/Milsped, sign the 7 Global Principles of Women’s Empowerment

Food Way and TLP/Milsped, as part of Balfin Group, have adopted voluntarily the 7 Global Principles of Women’s Empowerment. This is an initiative of Tirana Municipality, with technical support from UN Women and financial support of SIDCA – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and it has been adopted for the first time in Albania. The […]

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Balfin Group is the winner of the Philanthropy Award 2016

Balfin Group is the recipient of the Philanthropy Award 2016 by Partners Albania. This award is given for the wide contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of individuals and communities, the support to the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs, the special attention towards institutions and organizations that provide services for children with […]

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Balfin Group participates in Cleaning Tirana

Balfin Group Companies have joined the call of the Tirana Mayor. Mr. Veliaj in cleaning Tirana on the 4th of September 2015. Divided into two groups, the employees of our companies that participated in this initiative were first focused in the areas of Tirana Artificial Lake and Yzberisht (two large areas of Tirana). Equipped with […]

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Adhere to UN SDG

We support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These Global Goals are closely linked to our core sustainability areas of Health and Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment and Diversity and Inclusion.

Delivering on purpose

Sustainability is grounded in our values and way of working. This enables us to deliver better solutions for customers through our companies, drive operational efficiency, attract employees, manage risk and support society in many ways. In this perspective, sustainability is also our business advantage, contributing to deliver profit and shareholder value.

We have an ambition and ability to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our business nature guides us on which goals to focus on. We have identified 6 goals that are of particular importance.

Learn how these goals link to our sustainability focus areas and which activities we are actively engaged in.

End poverty in all its forms everywhere
End hunger, achieve food security
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development