March 1, 2024
Talent Pool IV set to prepare 17 outstanding leaders within BALFIN Group

The 4th edition of Talent Pool, a breakthrough program of BALFIN Group, has officially kicked off. The internal leadership academy aims to prepare and train future leaders through a tailored program of theoretical knowledge, shadow coaching, and project assignments. Since its first edition in 2016, 61 professionals have completed the Talent Pool program, which has readied them to take on leadership roles in Group companies located in 10 countries.

What’s New this Talent Pool Program

Elvin Nosi, BALFIN Group’s HR Director, reveals: “This year, we reshaped the program by introducing new elements, aiming to further develop leadership capabilities by equipping participants with new ways of thinking, doing, and leading that will inspire them to take over new projects, risks and assignments.” In addition, the Talent Pool participants will travel to Vienna for site visits to companies operating in similar industries as BALFIN Group, where they will explore more in international business.

17 professionals from BALFIN’s headquarters, ACREM, Balfin Real Estate, Balfin Construction, Balfin Development, Balfin Asset Management, Jumbo Albania, Neptun Kosova, SPAR Albania, Retail Park and Tirana Bank are part of this Talent Pool’s 4th edition. This diverse cohort of outstanding professionals will develop, practice, and apply new leadership skills.

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“This program was made possible thanks to the active contribution of our VPs, CEOs and HR Managers, who help identify high potential colleagues and provide continuous support to them during the program roll out,” said Elvin Nosi.

BALFIN Group remains strongly committed to further supporting the development of talents by creating opportunities for them to fulfill career aspirations, while securing the long-term availability of senior managers.