October 5, 2023
The 3rd Balfin Retail Forum gathers colleagues and experts of the field in Tirana

The third edition of the Balfin Retail Forum took place yesterday in Tirana, a forum that has become a tradition now, which gathers international experts in the field of retail, as well as over 200 sector professionals from BALFIN Group companies in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia North, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The forum was greeted by the Vice President of Retail at BALFIN Group, Julian Mane, who spoke about the achievements and plans of SPAR, Neptun, Jumbo, FGA, OnSolutions, TEG, QTU and East Gate Mall in the retail sector. “All these companies of our Group have one thing in common: they serve thousands of customers every day, and customer service is extremely important to us. For this reason, we have turned Balfin Retail Forum into a tradition, to get answers to all the questions that arise from our aim to improve,” he said during his speech.

The Road Ahead

Theme of the forum was illustrated both by the topics raised by the experts as well as the entire event setup. The presentations started with a study on the global retail sales market by the well-known consultant Deloitte Albania. Enrique Fernandez Aisa, consultant and investor with over 20 years of experience in European and Asian markets, continued the digital transformation from Omnichannel to OneRetail. The forum also addressed the future of human resource management with the Director of EPPC Albania & Kosovo, Erald Pashaj. From the Netherlands, Zsuzsa Hordai brought the international experience of the SPAR brand on navigating retail in the digital age. Lastly, the revolution in the world of media and advertising was brought by Bianca Vlaston, digital marketing veteran and head of the Meta platform for the Balkans.

The forum was conceived as an interactive event with questions and answers after each presentation involving different actors and perspectives of the sector. In addition to the experts, the panelists on the topics were also executives of BALFIN Group, such as Alexandros Kosenas and Goce Boceski, CEOs of Neptun in Albania and North Macedonia; Matilda Shehu, Director of Transformation; Elvin Nosi and Bledjana Karafilaj, Directors of Human Resources at BALFIN and Neptun; Elona Hametaj and Aida Velaj, CEOs of SPAR and OnSolutions respectively.

30 years of Retail at BALFIN Group

BALFIN Group started its activity 30 years ago precisely in the sector of retail sales of electrical household appliances, whose activity today serves 80,000 customers. For the third consecutive year, the Balfin Retail Forum takes place as part of the Group’s efforts to strengthen its leadership role in the industry. The main objective of the forum is to examine retail trends, optimize operations, leverage innovation and synergies between companies. Similar strategies have also recently been used by the group’s real estate companies, showing BALFIN’s commitment to continuous growth and the adoption of high-level international practices.