June 18, 2019
The agreement with World Vision, AlbChrome supports children with special needs

AlbChrome, the leader in the manufacture and export of ferrochrome in Albania, has today signed a cooperation agreement with World Vison Albania.

In this framework, AlbChrome will support the social program “Tungjatjeta” in Dibër, with a financial contribution of 8000 euros. This contribution will benefit the children with disabilities from the Bulqiza District community, who will join the group of children benefitting from the “Tungjatjeta” unit, Dibër.

In addition, AlbChrome, in the framework of the Balfin Group’s Social Responsibility Policy, to which special attention has been paid to the President of the Group, Mr. Samir Mane, will support this NGO with another 6500 euros to sponsor the construction of “Developmental Space” in Bradashesh, Elbasan, from which benefits 380 children.

During the signing of the agreement, AlbChrome’s Executive Director, Luan Saliaj, showed a lot of sensitivity to the children in question and emphasized the training they had to do to their parents in order for them to be informed and educated to have the right approach for juveniles with special needs.

“Child trainers spend only one hour a day with the latter, while parents spend most of their time with them, so work needs to be done more with parents so that they can be able to overcome the problems of their children, which in many cases is entirely possible “- said Mr. Saliaj.

“One in ten children in Albania has a disability. 92% of children with disabilities do not have access to services. Today, thanks to the cooperation with AlbChrome sh.pk, we give the opportunity to other children in Bulqiza to become part of “Tungjatjeta… Jetë”, offering them a specialized home service. The team of specialists designs an individual development plan for children and their families, “said Eljona Boce Elmazi, World Vision Director for the Western Balkans, during the signing of the cooperation agreement.

This is just one of the numerous initiatives of the Balfin Group to support communities and people in need planned for this year and the next.

Balfin Group has been heavily involved in social responsibility over the last three years and the company has shown special attention to various categories of families or individuals in need. Under the special care of Group President, Mr. Samir Mane, there are many tricky stories that the group has tried to change for good.

The company is supporting dozens of families facing difficulties in employment, education or medical assistance through various associations and organizations.

The Group’s contribution to the Albanian society will come progressively from year to year.