April 19, 2018
The close relationship that business must have with art

There is an unwritten rule that the growth of a business must be accompanied in parallel with the development and cultural growth of the community where it operates. We at Balfin strongly believe in this. Art with business resembles by nature. Entrepreneurship likewise art have as protagonists courageous people, with passion and imagination. Entrepreneur alike the artist is creative, but for jobs and builder of the value chain in the society and in the economy of this country.

But the artist’s work exceeds the size of ordinary people, passes the emotions of an ordinary profession. Their task is outside the bounds of duty, even many refer it as a moral, spiritual, social, emotional commitment.

Art, especially theater, is a reflection of the society in which we live. Going to the theater is a phenomenon not so common in modern times, despite the fact that theater and art generally have a great importance for a city, country, for a human.

Over the years, Balfin Group has been trying to spur and has started a twist in this regard. Every month, Balfin Group employees have the opportunity to attend the best theatrical performances, ballet performances and most sensational events in Tirana.

Balfin Group is determined to promote the highest social values and show concern for the community and the environment. As a business with high social responsibility, all Balfin Group companies are not limited in only providing jobs to the local communities where they do operate but are striving to create a positive impact in the family life and in the country.

As a good opportunity to spend the afternoon in each other’s company, but outside the workplace, Balfin continuously donates tickets to employees for their entertainment purpose, but also exchanging experience, presentation with cultural developments. Especially nowadays, where everyone is in front of their smartphone screens, this is a good reason to come together.

As a sign of gratitude and respect, Balfin constantly supports the theatrical performances in the country and is always in the first stand to applaud the hard work of the country’s artists.