December 17, 2018
The end-of-year celebrations attract hundreds of thousands of people into TEG and QTU

During this particular period of year, people tend to be happier, more charitable, and generous.



The festive atmosphere, the colorful lights, and the decor that adorns the cities and their homes, warms their soul.

For this reason, they want to make gifts, to make others feel happy, and to properly close the whole year that we are leaving behind and to start the New Year with new energies and in a good way.

This is why buyers are more and more frequent in those stores where they are confident that they will find what they are looking for.

As seen from the photos, the weekend flow to QTU, which is the first commercial center presented to Albanians, has been extraordinary.

The same can be said for TEG, which is absolutely the most visited commercial center in Albania.

Beside the fact that QTU held its inauguration party, the weekend also attracted massive visitors because the center offers entertainment, among others, to get the warmest of these cold December days.

Only in the last 4 days, QTU has been visited by a total of 155,000 people.

The peak was reached on Sunday when a Volkswagen Polo 2018 was gifted, which was won by a lucky lady.

As in the Tirana-Durres inter-urban axis leading to the QTU as well as in the segment leading to Tirana East Gate (TEG), the vehicle rank and costumers attendance has been high.

Throughout the rest of the month, until December 31, centers will provide everything that is needed for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, where best prices, gifts and entertainment activities in all shops and their environments will not be missing.

Consumer trends in this period of the year are mainly food products that will serve for the preparation of the festive dinners, electro-household products, festive outfits, shoes, and accessories.

People want the New Year to find them at their best stance, abundant and prosperous, and they are addressing two shopping centers where they can find everything they best fit their demands and needs.

Adorned and full of variety of choices for consumers, from family members, young couples, and even younger ones, following a $ 15m restoration program and an intensive 12 months work, new brands added to QTU are NewYorker, Alcott, Atrativo, Burger King, Mango Man, Taff, Buzz, Bershka, Stradivarius, Cineplexx, etc. Another floor has been added to QTU, now reaching a total of 47,000 square meters of total building area.

QTU has unveiled the largest children’s playground in the Balkans, a wonderful experience for all the little ones, which will fulfill their festive expectations, as it is a corner of inner and outer space, a kingdom of activities, accompanied by the special character Benni Bones, who will accompany the children.

Meanwhile in TEG, the favorite destination of all Albanians to do shopping has hosted hundreds of thousands of clients with an atmosphere of holidays that has made the center a comprehensive and welcoming center for anyone looking to find everything they need for the home, or the perfect gift to relatives or to the loved ones.

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