February 3, 2018
The family in poverty/Balfin Group responds to the call of Fundjave Ndryshe to build the house

The history of Sorra family touched the entire audience during the broadcast on STOP program at TV Klan.

The household’s head, Ferit Sorra, suffers from a terminal illness, meanwhile he does not even benefit from the KEMP. This family, living very close to the capital, is in very difficult conditions with only 6,000 ALL per month, while family members appeal for help. Every day is a real struggle for survival and the situation becomes harder as days pass by. Executive Director of “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, Mr. Arbër Hajdari, has called for help because; apart the lack of food, Sorra family lives in a house, which risks collapsing day by day.

During live broadcasting of the show, Balfin Group President, Mr. Samir Mane, through SPAR Albania, has expressed the willingness to build the house for the family in need. This initiative comes as part of the donations that the Balfin fund, created with the special care of Mr. Mane himself, donates continuously, in order to support the poor classes.
Balfin Group, as a business with high social responsibility, is determined to promote the highest social values and show concern for the community where it operates. As part of the social responsibility strategy, the contribution to the marginalized strata of society is among the main pillars of the Group’s social program development.