December 24, 2018
The online sales company turns into Santa, gifts for children in primary schools near Tirana

The largest online sales platform in Albania, awarded the Kus and Mazrek primary school’s children in Kashar (near Tirana) 235 gift packages for the end of the year occasion.

On this holiday eve, proposed a unique idea that then was shared with its customers, where a percentage of online sales of “Grab the offer and donate” bids that took place during the 10 days of December were used for charity funds.

Nettrade Albania Representatives were present at the schools premises last Friday, where in the festive atmosphere of the year-end, Santa distributed the packages for the children of these schools. At the ceremony, the Marketing Manager of, EnkelejdaThimo, said: “We are very excited that our initiative was supported by thousands of clients from all over Albania, thanks to this contribution gifts for children were provided .” According to her, “this is just the beginning of a process that will regularly continue in the future, where funds for poor areas of the country will be collected”..

The company hopes to have a huge increase in the next five years and such initiatives will become part of its tradition to help families in need and to foster new philanthropy mechanisms in Albanian entrepreneurship..

Dyqan Taxi is one of the most successful Start Ups in Albania. With a high growth rate every year, it is already the undisputed leader of online sales in Albania. The company manages some of the most successful sales portals ,,,

Since joining Balfin Group, the company has built a business strategy based on which it foresees to have a significant growth over the next 5 years. Its challenge is to change the online shopping culture in Albania, and executives say they are confident that with the right insistence this will become a reality.