May 24, 2023
The President of BALFIN Group shares the principles of entrepreneurship with UNYT students

The president of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, met with students and lecturers at the University of New York in Tirana, to share his experience in creating a successful business. The university library, a catalyst for change, turned into an inspiration platform for around 100 young people who discussed their opportunities and challenges for building new ventures.

The business-oriented Q&A was moderated by Prof. Juna Miluka, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business at UNYT. Starting a business, the internationalization of BALFIN Group, social responsibility, and the impact of global challenges on business were some of the topics discussed. In addition, his personal advice on entrepreneurship, aspects of professional growth, as well as the vision for the future of BALFIN Group were of great interest to the students.

The origin of BALFIN is Austria, a country I visited as an immigrant while I was a Geology student in Tirana, 30 years ago. In my beginnings, I never thought BALFIN could be what it is today, a corporation that successfully operates in 9 countries of the world, soon set to expand to another country. Back then, I only had the great desire to do business. During my journey with BALFIN Group, I have always appreciated new ideas, often with high risk, such as the case of QTU, the first shopping center in the country, which resulted in a very successful investment,” said Samir Mane to the students, encouraging them not to be afraid to dare and find something unique to turn into an enterprise.

Asked by the students what he values most in the people who have become part of BALFIN Group, he answered that “Integrity and professionalism are two main qualities that I have always valued. Only one of the qualities is insufficient. When these two attributes are found in the same person, success is expected. Both qualities are equally valuable in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Meetings with students are now a tradition for the President of BALFIN Group, where he talks about his experience in setting up a business, and most importantly encourages youth to start their own business. In the framework of social responsibility, BALFIN Group, through the B4Students program, is committed to financially support and mentor students who intend to create their own enterprise.