September 12, 2019
The rapid increase of properties values in Albania’s largest resort

Where and how to invest is one of the biggest dilemmas and a process that requires in-depth analysis by individuals planning to invest. There have always been various discussions and assessments, but it seems that a majority of experts in the field of economics agree that investing in real estate in the Albanian market is one of the safest and income-generating investments

In recent years in Albania, there is an increasing trend of demand for real estate investment and especially for investment in residential and tourism projects.

One of the biggest projects, not only in Albania but also in the region, is the Green Coast Resort, located in the magical Palasa, where the crystalline sea gently touches the majestic mountain of Llogara. Now that the first phase of the project is completed and the Green Coast has opened its doors to welcoming residents and vacationers, our curiosity about how property values have changed from their inception and up to now is justified.

Now that the first phase of the project has been finished, we’d like to know how the value of the properties purchased at the Green Coast Resort has changed and has the project met your expectations?

Whenever I am asked a question about the price of villas on the Green Coast, what comes to my mind is the expression of William Armstrong: Something I tell everyone is to learn about real estate. Repeat after me: The real estate market provides the highest income returns, the highest values and the lowest risk. This expression is completely true, especially when it comes to projects developed by the Balfin Group, which always guarantee the increase in property value.

In particular Green Coast Resort, Balfin Group’s most important project in the field of tourism and at the same time the largest and most elite project in Albania, guarantees the rapid growth of property value thanks to its design and development based on an analysis of strong, preliminary studies and ongoing implementation of unique services and products. The carefully chosen strategic location from the outset, the high quality of construction, the provision of services to guarantee an elite standard of living, are some of the factors that have contributed to the increase in property value, but not only those. Green Coast is already known for the innovative ideas, new programs and unique products it has brought to the Albanian market, such as the Rental Program, Time Share concept or Financing Facilities, offered in collaboration with leading banks in Albania.

Ky vit ka qënë shumë i rëndësishëm për projektin, me ndikime të ndjeshme në rritjen e vlerës së pronës, pasi krahas fillimit të jetesës në resort, ka filluar funksionimi i Programit të Qiradhënies, falë të cilit pronat e blera në Green Coast Resort kthejnë investimin te pronarët duke filluar nga vetëm 13 vite. Koncepti Time Share, i cili shumë shpejt do të jetë funksional në bashkëpunim me kompani ndërkombëtare të specializuara dhe me ekspertizë në këtë fushë, do të ndikojë gjithashtu në rritjen e mëtejshme të vlerës së pronave në Green Coast Resort.

Për të gjithë ata të cilët po marrin në konsideratë blerjen e një prone për banim apo investim, ne u takuam me Darion, një nga klientët e parë në Green Coast Resort.

“Palasa ka qenë gjithmonë një nga vendet më të bukura ku pushonim çdo vit. Ndaj, para dy vitesh vendosëm të investojmë duke blerë një pronë në Green Coast Resort me një çmim prej 250.000 Euro. E njëjta pronë që ne blemë para 2 vitesh, aktualisht vlerësohet me një çmim rreth 300.000 Euro. Duket që vetëm për këto dy vite, të kemi bërë një investim të suksesshëm, pasi vlera e pronës u rrit me 10% në vit. J

Nga një analizë që Green Coast ka bërë në këtë fazë të projektit, rezulton që vlera e rritur e pronës arrin në 10 – 15% në vit për tipologji të ndryshme vilash.

This year has been very important for the project, with significant impacts on property value growth, as in addition to the start of living in the resort, the lease program has begun to operate, thanks to which properties purchased at Green Coast Resort return the investment to owners starting from just 13 years. The Time Share concept, which will soon be operational in collaboration with specialized international companies and expertise in the field, will also influence the further increase in property value at Green Coast Resort.

For all those considering buying a residential or investment property, we met with Darion, one of the first clients at Green Coast Resort.

“Palasa has always been one of the most beautiful places to vacate every year. So two years ago we decided to invest by buying a property in Green Coast Resort at a price of 250,000 Euro. The same property we bought 2 years ago is currently valued at around 300,000 Euro. It seems that for just these two years, we have made a successful investment, as the value of the property increased by 10% per annum.”

An analysis done by Green Coast at this stage of the project shows that the increased value of the property amounts to 10 – 15% per year for different villa typologies.

Expected developments in the area soon are the successful roll-out of the Rental Program, the rapid launch of emerging innovation programs, such as Time Share, Property Share, etc., guarantee continued growth in property value.

Investing in real estate in general and in Green Coast in particular gets even more value when it is already known that the return on investment from treasury bills is at very low interest rates (according to the index of different banks it accounts for about 2.2%). a 12-month period, with investment in the Green Coast going 10-15% and expected to grow further.

The dream villa in Palasa, where nature is breathtaking and where everything is generously created, is no longer just a dream, but a safe and smart investment.