March 8, 2021
The strength of the women of Bulqiza, some inspiring cases for everyone

It may be thought that the chrome sector and mining work is a job which requires only male strength.

However, the women in these pictures who work every day on the premises of the Bulqiza’s chrome mine, which is administered by the AlbChrome company, show that their caring and love as women or mothers for their children and husbands extends beyond the walls of their home to their daily work as professional women in the mining gallery.

Their profile jobs vary from mineral selectors, quality engineers, electric motor technicians, turners, doctors, wardrobe crew, cleaning lady etc., who through their example combat every prejudice and boundary.

In the Bulqiza’s mine, 10% of the total number of employees are women, while AlbChrome counts over 200 employed women in all of its units.

The women in this article have been chosen to congratulate them on their noble work, full of dedication, on the occasion of March 8th, a day that coincides also with International Women’s Day.

A special wish goes to them and the rest of women in Bulqiza but not only!

Regarding their work but also to that of all other miners, it must be said that since 2013 more than 2 million dollars have been invested to improve the technical security and safety conditions in the central mining gallery of Bulqiza.

On average, 6 detailed inspections are carried out per week in each unit for the implementation of the technical safety regulation.

AlbChrome today counts 1106 employees from 841 before its administration. Starting from May 1st 2020, over 600 miners of this company in Bulqiza have experienced a salary increase, from 10% to 13%.

Within 2021, starts the opening and development of the Qafë Buall chromium source, an investment of around 15 million dollars of Albchrome, which will provide 200 new job positions for the Bulqiza Miners.