November 22, 2018
The values of partnership in Balfin Group, bringing all employees together through innovation

Within Balfin Group, partnership between colleagues is one of the most important values and this is not just theoretical.

In fact, to prove that employees are the most important partners, the Group undertook an inclusive campaign involving all the staffs of its companies.

The campaign was conducted through the Jumping Rope game.

This sports activity is not just an ordinary game because it requires the involvement of two or more colleagues, so it is a team effort that carries the symbol of: The ability to coordinate actions and execute plans, that of trust and synergy among colleagues, the labor division, taking on risks, successfully achieving objectives and overcoming challenges.

A massive participation in the activity was achieved and hundreds of videos flowed into the Group’s Communication Department within a few weeks.

Employees teamed up with one or several colleagues to create jump rope performances, in creative ways and forms.

The winners of each Group company were awarded with different prizes while there was also a Big Award in Group level.

The true triumphant of the event were the 5 talented girls from Fashion Group Albania, who managed to succeed in this campaign.

They were praised for the number of jumps, the involvement, the cooperation spirit, creativity and presentation uniqueness, as well as the level of difficulty.

This campaign once again testified that the mutual cooperation and team’s spirit are those synergies that make Balfin Group a great family of human values.