June 18, 2019
Tirana Bank and UNDP partnership to promote environmental protection

Tirana Bank, in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Balfin Group and UNDP, the United Nations Development Program, presented today a partnership to promote environmental protection in Albania. The three-month campaign, which puts citizens at the helm of environmental protection, will be implemented by both sides.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the seriousness and the urgency of the dangers coming from climate change and call on the general public to act in the protection of nature, the sea and the rivers, and address the issue of climate change.

Tirana Bank’s General Manager, Mr. Dritan Mustafa said: “We see partnership with UNDP Albania as an added value in our joint campaign. Our campaign will address two key issues of environmental protection. Recycled paper affects the conservation of natural resources, reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and reduces pollution. Recycling and responsiveness to climate change are interlinked, both contributing to environmental protection.”

Mrs. Limya Eltayeb, UNDP Resident Representative, said: “Partnerships are at the heart of the UNDP’s sustainable development agenda. Agenda 2030 engages all stakeholders, and especially the private sector, to work together in order to foster sustainable and inclusive growth, social development and environmental protection, while everyone is involved. In this regard, we are happy to join Tirana Bank to raise awareness, support and generate actions from society in support of the environment.”

The three-month campaign “Të gjithë për Tokën” (“All for Earth”) will be promoted in the media, aiming to convey the message of accountability and to protect the environment.

The awareness campaign is not simply conceived as a consultant to the public, but the staff of the Bank itself is engaged in concrete actions in defense of the two causes.

For years, Tirana Bank has contributed significantly to paper recycling in order to protect the environment. Referring to the ECO certificate issued by Reisswolf Albania, only in the last 7 months the amount of recycled paper was over 16 tons, which translates to:

About 49,000 kg of hardwood

517,000 liters of water

107,000 Kw / H energy

Following this initiative, Tirana Bank staff was sensitized during the June cleaning of several areas throughout Albania (Tirana, Shkodra, Saranda, Pogradec, Fier etc), achieving the campaign objectives.

Regarding the second cause of climate change, Tirana Bank and UNDP have chosen through video counseling to raise public awareness of the importance of daily actions under the slogan “Every little action is worth it!”