November 7, 2023
Tirana Bank claims victory in the second Balfin Football League

Amidst a celebratory ambiance, with a substantial turnout of enthusiastic fans, Tirana Bank’s players triumphed over Neptun Albania in the final match of Balfin Football League held in Tirana. The scoreline read 1-0 in favor of Tirana Bank, resulting in the team hoisting this championship’s cup, with Neptun Albania as runner up. This was the second edition of Balfin Football League, an employee initiative dedicated to sport and teamwork.

Sport sensations at Balfin Football League

The championship’s trophy was presented to Tirana Bank’s co-captain Ermal Shosha by BALFIN Group’s HR Director, Elvin Nosi. Klaus Çuçka, a standout from Neptun’s team, was honored with the title of “Best Player of the League.” Whereas Mane TCI received the “Best Fair Play” accolade, highlighting their commitment to sportsmanship and integrity. The award was received by its captain, Ejvis Thaçi.

Following the exhilarating match, players from both competing teams and fans from various BALFIN Group companies came together for a post-game celebration.

Balfin Football League showcased the skills of over 170 players from 12 teams, drawing ardent fans to witness 33 thrilling matches held over 6 weeks. The competition was characterized by fierce sporting rivalries, a high level of competitiveness, and a commitment to fair play. The tournament was organized in collaboration with the Albanian Football Federation and officiated by seasoned referees Gernat Qirici and Bledar Mesi. Among the participating teams were BALFIN HQ, BALFIN IT, Balfin Real Estate, ACREM, Jumbo, Mane TCI, Mane Development, Neptun Albania, SPAR Albania, Scan TV, and Tirana Bank.

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This league, which began as a social club initiative among employees, witnessed a 30% increase in participation from its first edition in 2022, which was won by SPAR Albania. This enthusiasm is driven by the staff’s avid interest in bonding through football.

BALFIN Group stands as a strong advocate for sports, both in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement. The organization firmly believes in the power of sports to promote an active lifestyle and enhance teamwork. As a testament to this commitment, they have instituted employee championships in volleyball and football, establishing themselves as one of the few companies in the region that organize internal sports events of such magnitude.