February 12, 2019
Under development Balfin Group’s project in the picturesque town in Austria

Balfin Group, for some time now, has expanded the range of investments in different countries of the Balkan region and in European Union countries, with a special focus on the Republic of Austria, thus becoming one of the few Albanian businesses with investments in the common European market.

Austria is considered a country with consolidated business rules, and is one of the world’s 14 richest countries in terms of Gross Domestic Product per capita.

The involvement of Balfin Group in this market is an indication of the group’s strength in human and financial capacity, being able to be competitive on equal terms with other businesses in this country or in any other Western European country.

Despite the fact that Balfin Group has its beginnings in Vienna Austria, with one of the first registered company of the group, its activity in this country has been expanding and in addition to the trading of household and electronic appliances by 2018, the activity in the field of construction was started.

Since October 2018, the Group has started a serious residential project which is already in its construction phase. The complex is located in the Altmünster area of Austria, which is a well-known tourist area near Lake Traunsee. The project includes two residential areas with three-story buildings. Altmünster is a tourist town located 3 kilometers south of Gmunden, in the Upper Austria region, limited by Germany and the Czech Republic

The town is located at the edge of the picturesque Traunsee Lake and its economy is driven mainly by tourism and light industry.

Called by the Romans as the “Lake of Happiness”, Traunsee Lake, where the residences and its environs are located, still promise happiness to people seeking tranquility and escape from modern life.

The lake is perfect for relaxing, swimming, surfing and sailing. Moreover, the surrounding area is very suitable for hiking, mountain climbing and bicycle riding. Winter comes with plenty of skiing opportunities as well as adorned shops for the Christmas holiday.

This Balfin Group’s investment of several million euros is expected to be completed by 2019.

The project will be an added value for many locals and tourists from various parts of the world who visit this area every season and also provide a high standard of living for those residents who will decide to live there.