August 17, 2020
University of Tirana Research: 66% of respondents think that Balfin Group is the most charitable business in Albania

A recent study conducted at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, provides an overview of charities and donations in Albania and the social issues that impact consumers. According to the study, there is a positive perception about Balfin Group’s corporate social responsibility projects.

Balfin Group was ranked the first among other businesses in Albania for its social contributions and CSR activity. When asked to name companies that give a voluntary contribute to the society through charity or CSR, 66% of respondents in the study mentioned Balfin Group.

According to participants in this study Balfin Group Chairman, Samir Mane, leads the list of Albanian entrepreneurs that dedicate part of their incomes to charity and social projects.

The very positive outcomes of this study is a sign of appreciation from communities for all the efforts and contribution gave in these years from Balfin Group and Balfin Group’s companies. Balfin Group will continue to invest and promote social responsibility by taking care of the communities and the environment.

Since 2015 Balfin Group adheres to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, considering it an important initiative for realizing a sustainable society and improving people’s quality of life.

 The study was conducted during May-June 2020 by Msc. Mateus Habili & Dr. Reila Bozdo.