April 2, 2020
When the store goes online

Online shopping is already a reality in Albania, here is how it works with 4 of the main companies

People are spending more time at home with their families and adapting their shopping behavior. As a result, there has been a huge increase in online purchases and the use of home delivery services. There is a good chance that these changes will return to normal. Especially the use of e-commerce and home delivery service is expected to become part of the life of the Albanian consumer at the end of the current rigorous measures as a result of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Four companies of Balfin Group: Spar Albania, Neptun Albania, Jumbo Albania and Fashion Group Albania have reacted immediately to this new reality and have already put online shopping platforms at the service of citizens, which significantly facilitate consumers’ living, improving its quality in these days of isolation and restriction of normal movements that are being quite successful.

How does this work?


SPAR created and communicated the sales platform Spar Online, at www.shop.spar.al. There are 1000 products covering all categories; food, beverages, fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, detergents and cosmetics, toys, baby products, etc. SPAR is working every day to increase the range of products.

The online shopping process is very easy: Visit the website www.shop.spar.al, select the products you need and quantities, provide your data, choose the payment method; by cash, by card, or bank transfer. Within 24 hours you will receive the order at home.

Transport is free for orders of a value over 5,000 ALL, while each order under the value of 5,000 ALL, has a transport fee of 300 ALL. Delivery service is currently available only in Tirana and Durrës, but soon SPAR will enable it throughout Albania.
Since SPAR takes care of product warranty and safety, fresh products are transported in thermal bags to maintain their freshness and quality.

The order can also be made by sending an e-mail to customercare@spar.al.
Payment can be made by hand when the order arrives, either by POS, or by bank transfer.


Responding of today’s situation, Neptun offers a very flexible way of online shopping which can easily engage people without any previous online experience. A purchase at www.neptun.al does not require more than 2 minutes and the company has published useful guides for this purpose on its social networks.

However, for those who do not feel comfortable doing an online process, orders can be made by phone simply by calling 044505050 or by sending a message on whatsapp / viber to 0684084044.

Payments can be made with cash on hand at the time of delivery, by credit card, or even online with the same card.
The order comes to your home within 24 hours in all cities of Albania with Neptun stores and transport is free of charge for purchases over 5,000 ALL.


Jumbo also offers a variety of about 8,000 products that you can bring to your home at any time.
Just follow the steps below:

?Click on “Facebook Shop – Jumbo Albania” to order the most requested products during these days: www.bit.ly/Shop-ALB

While more products are added to the list, you can also contact Jumbo at ?0684092929 via Whatsapp, Viber, or by sending a message or calling to get more information and order among the thousands of products that JUMBO offers.

? Transport to your address costs 200 ALL in Tirana and 300 ALL outside Tirana.

? Orders are received daily from 08:00 to 20:00.

? Payment is credited at the time of delivery of the order.

? Sales prices remain the same (unchanged from current prices in stores).

While interest in JUMBO products has continued to remain high, the company is working intensively to build websites through which it is possible to order products from all the various categories offered by JUMBO.

Fashion Group

All the Fashion Group Albania company brands such as: Women’secret, Prenatal, Okaidi, Mango, Parfois, Geox, Springfield, Cortefiel, Carpisa, GoldenPoint are now being purchased online.
Fashion Group Albania’s brands have thought of all their customers, but the most important in this period are:

Okaidi & Prenatal, come to an aid of all mothers and mothers to be to order everything they need starting from: baby room furniture to baby clothes.

Also, for those who want to make the stay at home as pleasant and comfortable as possible, Women’secret offers a wide range of products such as: pajamas, stripes, slippers, etc.

Mango has thought about those people who go to work and continue their daily routine as usual, order online everything needed.

 How to order?

Fashion Group has chosen to operate through social networking platforms as the most accessible to most people. You will find each of the brands on their official Instagram and Facebook profiles. So, communication with customers is done through Instagram & Facebook profiles by a dedicated staff who assists you with all answers.

Payment is made by cash at the time of receiving the order. Transportation is free of charge and delivery of the order is done within 24-48 hours.

Shops and online shopping are expected to be a certain future in Albania as well, as in Europe and beyond they have long been a tangible reality.

As for creating an idea, in 2018, it is estimated that 1.8 billion people around the world bought goods online. During the same year, online retail sales reached 2.8 trillion USD and are projected to grow to over 4.8 trillion USD by 2021.

Only in the UK, 87% of retail purchases were made online, for an average of 38 EUR per purchase.