October 30, 2018
“Your Business Idea”, Balfin Group announces first phase’s winners

Balfin Group organized a meeting with the winners of the first phase of “Your Business Idea” program in the premises of Tirana Business University (TBU) on Tuesday.

The purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted with participants who passed to the second phase, as well as explaining the manner of proceeding for the further stages of the project.

In total, in the first phase 25 winners were announced, who will have the opportunity to continue in the later stages of the race.

Many of the qualified in this competition came from Kosovo and Macedonia.

Business Ideas, in this third edition of the contest’s development, focused mainly on areas such as IT (Applications, Software etc), Construction, Tourism, Mediation, Recycling, Education, Services, Security, etc. A growth of about 20% of applicants was registered compared to the previous year.

In order to advance to the further stages of the race, all participants were asked to prepare a feasibility study and to elaborate their project proposals in more detail.

In the second phase of the program, an assessment of feasibility studies will be carried out by the Project Evaluation Committee (PIC). Subsequently, the KPV assessment will be presented to the Balfin Management Board, which will take a decision on the qualified.

Participants, as well were informed about the further stages of the “Your Business Idea” program and received information on new investments of Balfin Group. They were also acquainted with Balfin Group’s Human Resource Policies, as are employment opportunities or internships and ongoing training by the group.

What is “Your Business Ideas”?

“Your Business Idea” program identifies entrepreneurs with the most promising ideas through a competitive process, offering rewards for winners and intensive follow-up assistance.

Thus, in the second phase, applicants selected to continue the competition will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of Balfin Group, business professionals who will provide the necessary assistance to the competitors in order for them to refine the strategies of their business. Through ongoing consultations, program participants will benefit from maximum support to further develop their projects and to complete all necessary documentation.

“Your Business Idea” is a program that transforms great ideas into big businesses. Through an annual tradition, this program helps Albanian entrepreneurs who have a business idea to build a genuine business.

Enea Jorgo was announced as last year winner with his “Select App” project. It is about a digital platform that will operate as a B2B between suppliers and retail businesses. This digital platform includes an application for iOS / Android and the Web.