May 8, 2017
“Your Business Idea” – Start Up 2017

Balfin Group is the largest investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the Balkans. Its’ investment Portfolio can be divided into real estate development and management, retail, shopping malls, services, telecommunication, tourism, consumer financing, mining, agriculture, energy etc. Balfin Group is the main player on the Albanian markets and internationally being present with its activity beyond Albanian borders in Austria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Italy, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Dubai and USA.
Balfin has build a reputation of being very innovative and the most active due to the successful investments that have transformed and revolutionized not only the market but also consumer behaviour.  

Currently Balfin Group has launched for the second time in a row the project: “Your Business Idea”. The novelty this year is that the attention has been given to Star Up proposals, innovative ideas and business proposals that have not been applied before or that are redesigned based on the current technological and market developments.

In an interview with Mr. Eris Kasmi, Communication Director of Balfin Group, we learn more about this program.

Can you tell us more about this program? How was this program received during the first year?

One of the main objectives of Balfin Group for 2017, like any other year and also as a very important part of the Group’s mission is the corporate social responsibility and the support that the Group aims to give to the implementation of new ideas in business. Within our Group we have build a structure and we follow the impact that our group should give in the community to provide to the society at large support and assistance.

We launched for the first time last year the program “Your Business Idea” – the participation was very high and intense from Albania and other places. Many young people participated making it a special program, and many of them had the chance to be introduced to the main concepts and phases of a business development plan, communication and marketing, to promote their products and services. All the support was provided by the project development department in Balfin.  

What is new in the project this year?

This year there is a conceptual change because the main attention is given to the proposal of the innovative business ideas, focusing mainly on Start-Up Programmes. Now it is a fact that many Start Up programs have helped in the development of the society and economy at the global level. On the other hand it looks like many young (but not only) boys and girls have a great desire to contribute in the local economy.  

And this is exactly the aim of this program- to contribute in the Albanian economy and assists the new generations of innovators, to be as successful as possible locally but also globally. So everyone who has an idea and wants to turn that idea into a profitable business may be part of this program.

All interested should visit the Balfin official website and apply online.

The first place will be awarded with a grant which we believe shall provide the support to kick start the project. The second place will be provided with the support in the preparation of the papers for fund raising.
More detailed information about “Your Business Idea-Start Up 20-17” can be found at the Balfin Website, and the official Balfin FB Page.