October 13, 2020
A totally reconstructed house for little Albina

Tirana Bank, with the initiative of Balfin Group President Samir Mane, has given back the smile little Albina, the daughter of Lezo family in Saranda, who at the end of June, touched the hearts of Albanians, while wiping away the tears of her crying mother, in front of “Fiks Fare” cameras, a porgram on Top Channel TV, due to the miserable living conditions in the city of Saranda.

The apartment of Rozina Lezo and her daughter on the fourth and last floor of a building built before the ’90s, was completely depreciated, with water and humidity entering completely inside the house and without the minimum means of a dignified living. But now, through the direct contribution of Tirana Bank, their apartment has been completely reconstructed and furnished from scratch, with all the necessary household and other equipment. The problem of humidity on the terrace has been finally solved and the mother and daughter can finally live in normal conditions.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tirana Bank, Dritan Mustafa, did not hide his joy for this good deed“We are very pleased that the family finally has the opportunity to enter a renewed and reconstructed house. We actually got the trigger from your show, which let us know that there are problems of this nature. The works carried out in this building are a direct contribution of Tirana Bank, which is part of the Balfin Group. The initiative of Mr. Mane was materialized with every contribution given to this house to change the infrastructure and especially the interior equipements, in these circumstances that we see today and that are much more favorable conditions for the family”.

The lady of the house, Rozina, who in June stated that during a single month she was obliged to take her kid to the emergency room at least twice due to humidity, could finally smile.

She said she was very excited: “I am very very happy, for what has been done in my house. I thank with all my heart, Samir Manen, Balfin Group and Tirana Bank. I am very, very happy about what has been done in my home and for my daughter. The girl is very happy and very satisfied, as she kept asking me when we would go to the new house. Now, God willing, this girl comes out successfully with the surgery, as she has suffered a lot these 4 years. May God reward you all for everything you have done for this girl. I am very grateful and very happy.”

At the end of the visit to the Lezo family’s apartment, Mr. Mustafa handed over the keys to the apartment to little Albina and wished them to enjoy the new apartment and live happily.

In this link you can see the full case handled by Fiks Fare: https://bit.ly/3jTlIDL .

During 2019, Balfin Group donated about 1 million euros for a large number of social responsibility activities, making a valuable contribution to education, children, health, environment, art, etc. Balfin is one of the few businesses in Albania that implements the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to fight inequality, poverty and contribute to a better society.

The group has also donated 1.2 million euros to families affected by the November 26, 2019 earthquake in Albania, while over 800.000 euros is the value for 2020 CSR causes.