February 1, 2019
Innovation in technology / Neptun in QTU comes with the most ultra-modern shop of its network

In the mid-December of 2018 Neptun appeared with a reconceived shop with the latest technology located in QTU in Tirana, just ahead of the big year-end offers.

This is the first Neptun shop opened in a commercial center, which coincides with the year when QTU opened its doors for the first time in 2005.

Due of this, being the main Neptun sale-point, having the largest surface and holding the largest share in sales, the company thought about taking this shop into the next level, applying innovation to the service and the presentation of products.

Neptun, designed according to a modern approach and a visionary philosophy, comes today with these strong points in this new shop in QTU:

  • The shop is now fully renovated and designed to facilitate the selection of the product by the customer.
  • Being in line with the concept of the commercial center itself, spotlight has been given to the product, highlighting it in order to meet the customer’s needs and to be able to understand the features and benefits of any device.
  • The selection for customers has been extended with new categories and products.
  • It is now possible have in-store experiences for customers in several categories: TV, IT, Gaming, etc, creating and separating sales areas into opportunities to test and experience products.
  • This store format sets the standard for Neptun’s sales points for the future.

The company’s success depends on whether it walks in same footsteps or precedes market developments and consumer demand. Nowdays Albanian consumers are more informed, updated and more demanding and selective among authorized retailers and this is a positive signal. So Neptun has taken this initiative, because being the largest sales network in the country, feels challenged and proud to be the first in applying the changes and standardizing with the European market. An innovative environment enables customers to discover the true value behind the price of the products they buy.

The opening of Neptun’s new store, which is a delight to be discovered, coincides with the month of January, which is the month of the super offerings. This month is the month dedicated to major brands for which Neptun is an authorized reseller.

Every week we will bring discounts to one of the brands. We can mention the Samsung Product Week (where all major TVs and electronics will be on offer), the Bosch Product Week (focusing on recessed products), Apple’s week (with discounts on smartphone models, and the inauguration of Apple White + program), as well as the Beko week, with the widest selection range available,” – says Greta Lekaj, Marketing Director of Neptun.

Neptun is expected to open in 2019 five new stores in Albania, especially in the most distant cities, coming closer to the customer.