March 13, 2023
Neptun Albania celebrates 3 decades

Neptun Albania, the electronics retail chain, celebrated its 30th anniversary at its annual conference. The conference, moderated by the company’s senior management, was attended by BALFIN Group’s high executives, Neptun’s employees, and partners.

The annual conference is a 14-year-old tradition for Neptun that gathers staff and partners to break down strategic pillars and celebrate achievements. This year, the conference focused on the company’s jubilee. “Growing together, 30 years together” was the theme that highlighted 30 years of history, progress, and success – a journey that has made innovative technology and household appliances accessible, completing and simplifying everyday life.

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In his welcoming speech, the CEO of Neptun, Alexandros Kosenas, highlighted some of Neptun’s key achievements and its strategic objectives for the future. “This point is just one stop on the long journey ahead of us, where we can celebrate a successful past and turn the legacy with such strong foundations into a bright future,” he said in his speech, before thanking the staff for their contribution towards Neptun’s continuous growth.

Furthermore, the audience heard from BALFIN Group’s Vice President of Retail, Julian Mane; Neptun’s Director of Retail, Konstantinos Daramouskas; Commercial & Marketing Director, Evis Tartale; and HR Director, Bledjana Karafilaj.

Neptun Albania, 30 years of partnership

John Kang, the Regional President of Samsung Electronics, was a special guest at the conference, representing the tech giant which is one of Neptun’s closest partners in its 30 years. “Collaborating with like-minded partners like Neptun helps us bring people closer together and deliver positive change. So, as we celebrate this milestone, let us take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to Neptun for being a trusted friend,” he said.

In addition, the conference also served as a platform for distinguishing the organization’s most prominent staff, without whom its major milestones would have been impossible. Senior management took the stage to distribute several awards: Best Franchise Store, Best NOVA Partner, Best Samsung Customer Advisor, Best Sales Agent, Best Wholesale Agent, and Best Neptun Shop.

Neptun began its activity in Albania in 1993, the same year BALFIN Group was founded in Vienna, Austria, by its President, Samir Mane. Ever since, it has brought to the country a wide product portfolio of top global brands such as Samsung, Apple, BEKO, LG, Philips, Xiaomi, etc., while parallelly developing its own brand, Fuego. Today, Neptun is a leading retailer in consumer electronics and home appliances, continuously building strong and long-term partnerships, operating through 41 physical locations and a strong e-commerce presence.