December 7, 2018
Philanthropy auction, Balfin Group supports the kindergarten of Bllicë village in Dibër

Balfin Group has been contributing yesterday to a philanthropy auction that was held for the first time in Tirana in the premises of Rogner Hotel under the motto “Giving Circles”.

The Group CEO, Mrs. Edlira Muka, on behalf of Balfin took over the commitment of supporting the kindergarten of Bllicë village in Diber, to enable a normal process for the 57 children of this kindergarten who stayed there under difficult conditions, without heating and the minimal services. In addition to the financial support, toys will be given to all children.

Such an initiative is undertaken within the Group’s Social Responsibility, in support of the UN development objectives such as education, the good growth of children, environment and health.

“The video from Vision NGO is a video that emotionally excited me. All children have the right to go to school and kindergarten and not be deprived of this elementary right. For this reason, we as Balfin Group want to contribute for the children of Bllicë village kindergarten. We wish that Vizion NGO and others with the contributions that will be gathered this evening will transform these environments by providing adequate conditions for the education of children attending the kindergarten” – said Ms. Muka in her speech during the event.