December 28, 2012
Together with the children of “Martyrs of state police” assosiation

Balfin Group celebrated Christmas with the children of the state police that died in missions against criminality. Mr. Saimir Mane was personally involved to organize the activity where the staff of Balfin Group and him in persons gave gifts for the children. Surrounded by children he said “Our company is always accompanied by humanity. This is a minimum effort from our staff but we wanted to show to these children that they will never be alone.”

Through the NEPTUN‘s gifts, Mr. Samir Mane wishes to “enlighten” the little hearts of the children of “Martyrs of State Police” association; Children who face difficult life challenges.

Also, an aid is given for the people with disabilities in the “Residential Development Centre” in Berat with detergents and food in this Christmas time.