June 25, 2019
Why Green Coast is the most elite resort in Albania?

All those who have visited the beautiful South of Albania, just as they have descended Llogara mountain, they have come across an ultra-modern mega-project, environmentally friendly, which is wonderfully rising to the Ionian Sea, on the magic beach of Palasa.

It’s about Green Coast Resort, a resort with villas of different typologies and a wonderful promenade with entertainment and business units, which is certainly not only the largest resort, but also the most elite resort in Albania, with distinctive features and advantages for anyone looking for style and luxury

To understand more about what this project brings, we met with the team of architects and engineers at Green Coast Resort who proudly address some of the identifying elements as follows:

The minimalist style of architecture

The style of architecture at the Green Coast Resort is minimalist-contemporary, a style that is recently found to be widely used in elite tourist resorts around the world. In simple terms, lots of volume, space, and light, the minimalist style eliminates the need for any excessive and unnecessary detail, focusing on the use of important functional elements and best reflecting the sense of order and uniformity. Simple but full of elegance, the minimalist style is technically difficult to accomplish, as it requires high accuracy and does not allow you to make errors.

“The minimalist style gives value to simplicity, large volumes and above all functionality, to bring a very elegant lifestyle experience. This style is chosen in order that more than anything else, we allow nature to speak with its beauty and splendor. We aim to maintain high-quality construction, to maintain the nature and to promote the wonderful image of the area, “said Jonida Buda, Project Manager at Green Coast.

The Green Coast Villas are positioned in such a way that each one miraculously relishes the fabulous appearance of the Ionian Sea. All villas have a regular arrangement and rational area, with a green yard and individual parking, as rarely happens at resorts in Albania.

The team of Green Coast project architects has focused not only on the aesthetic side of this project, but also in maintaining a proper relationship with the technological part and providing physical and thermal comfort, which is very important for a Mediterranean beachfront resort.

The perimeter walls of the villas are treated with a caps system with high thermal parameters.

The facades of the villas have large openings with large windows (up to 3.1 m), which provide high insulation thanks to the glass rooms in their compositions.

In general, the facades are handled with four colors set by the architects, in harmony with the colors of the surrounding nature.

The materials used are wood-based, stone and glass, in order to maintain simplicity and allow nature to prevail with its colors and contrasts and on the other hand to withstand atmospheric conditions near the sea. If take a look at the outer space, the presence of 3 elements: glass, graphite and brise-soleil, is highlighted. Other very important functional elements, such as rain drains, chimney tubes or other elements, are positioned in invisible spaces so as not to disrupt the uniformity and the aesthetic side.

The Brise-soleil or Vertical Beam Element is the architectural innovation brought to Green Coast, which by the way it is conceived, in addition to its aesthetic aspect, also has a functional aspect with the light-shadow effect it creates.

The inner infrastructure, promenade and Nazar Beach

Competitive advantage is obviously the resort’s infrastructure where the 1 and 2-way roads cross the streets, pedestrian crossings, shared greenery and lighting. Thanks to the greening project, which has been produced by a well-known Greek studio named Greenways, the resort is enriched with characteristic Mediterranean vegetation, Mediterranean vegetation, and vegetation resistant to wind and atmospheric conditions near the sea.

A very important element is the investment made for the sewage disposal plant (KUZ), located off the resort. Thanks to this system, the wastewater is collected, the waste is processed and clean processed water is re-sent to the irrigation of the greenery at the resort.

In addition to the private parking each villa has, Green Coast Resort also has open-air parking with plenty of greenery and drainage systems, extra parking outside the resort, and parking spaces in the resort’s indoor streets.

Proximity to the sea, the large beach area in front of the resort for the visitors to attend, the maintenance of public areas by a specialized company, 24/7 security thanks to surveillance cameras and private police are some of the string points that make Green Coast a resort that is comparable to the best ones in the world.

The unique style of the promenade offers every service the visitors might be looking for, such as bars, restaurants, supermarkets, sports fields etc.

Nazar Beach is one of the crown jewels of the resort for the visitors that want to experience the cuisine and amazing cocktails prepared by professionals, to relax under the warming sun, the sound of the waves the soft breeze of the sea, but also have the chance to participate in a variety of sports such as water sports and underwater sports which the Palasë area can offer.

With this many options and commodities offered, who wouldn’t want to be part of this community in the most amazing beach in the Albanian Riviera?

Green Coast welcomes you!