May 27, 2019
3 out of 4 students get employed before graduation / Tirana Business University and Balfin, 5 years of common success

This is the 9th year of Tirana Business University College’s (TBU) activity. Established in May 2010, TBU is now considered a well-known brand in the field of higher education that focuses on quality and on the harmonization of theory with practice. In October 2014, Balfin Group became a shareholder and strategic partner of TBU, thus multiplying the school’s capacity for practical training, employment opportunities and enabling the pursuit of a professional career to students at the Group companies.

TBU is widely recognized as a university focused on business disciplines and offers 6 study programs, as follows: 1) Bachelor in Business Administration, with profiles: i) Management, ii) Marketing, iii) Accounting-Finance; 2) Bachelor in Business Law; 3) 2-year Professional Master in Advanced Business Administration, with profiles: i) Management, ii) Accounting-Finance; iii) Business Law; 4) 1-year Professional Master in Business Administration with Profiles: i) Management, ii) Accounting-Finance; 5) Professional Master in Business Law; 6) Master of Science in Business Administration.

Why should a student choose TBU?

There are many reasons why young people choose to study at TBU, but the foremost is the high potential for employment in profile. This is facilitated by: i) pedagogical staff that combines academic knowledge with the practical experience of the respective profession; ii) schedules of studies harmonized with the practice/work schedule; iii) personal care and career counseling continued all along the study cycle; iv) limited but qualitative number of students. The TBU student employment indicator is quite high – over 3/4 are employed in profile before bachelor graduation, in companies, banks and professional offices. Also, greater attention is being paid to involve students in entrepreneurship – over 35 students manage their new or family ventures, and they are supported on counseling, informing reaching up to the services offered by the TBU’s business incubator. Master’s students are almost all employed in profile and most of them progress in the career, at least one professional level through the studies.

“TBU accepts about 25 students for each of its 4 profiles, 3 in Business Administration and 1 in Law in the 1st year of Bachelor. For these 100 admissions in the 2018-2019’s academic year a number of 627 candidates applied, almost the double of the previous year with the same admission quota. The high number of admission candidates enables a qualitative selection. Competitions for high school graduates, ‘Sipërmarrësit e së Nesërmes’ and ‘Juristët e Nesërmes’, attended by over 500 graduates are also an effective tool for qualitative selection, as they filter the best possible candidates to be TBU students. About 100 students are also admitted to the Master’s Program “- said TBU representatives.

40 students following internships at Balfin companies

Në rradhë te parë, partneriteti me Balfin e ndihmon TBU të shumëfishojë mundësitë e praktikave profesionale të studentëve si dhe punësimin e tyre në kompanitë e grupit; gjithashtu të ofrojë më shumë bursa për studentët e zellshëm dhe të talentuar, të përfshijë në mësimdhenie dhe/ose aktivitete plotësuese staf me eksperiencë nga grupi, të marrë informacion dhe mendime për përmirësimet kurrikulare e metodologjike.

First of all, the partnership with Balfin helps TBU multiply the opportunities for professional student practices and boost the possibilities for their employment in group companies; also provide more scholarships for zealous and talented students, the including in the teaching and/or complementary activities of the group’s experienced staff, to receive information and thoughts on curricular and methodological improvements.

Every year a significant number of students engage in internships at the Balfin Group companies. This engagement helps students to become familiar with the reality of the labor market today, also to apply the knowledge acquired during their studies, to be practically trained and to be hired based on the results. Students have the opportunity to rotate in some companies of the various Group sectors, thanks to the partnership with Balfin. Today, Balfin Group companies contribute and professionally grow over 40 TBU students/alumni.

TBU ensures that students are integrated and empowered as soon as possible in the labor market or entrepreneurship. Periodically, many training activities are organized at the school premises, which contribute to the professional training of students and their networking. Students are continuously informed of any practical engagement opportunities, employment, entrepreneurship, vocational training or personal growth. TBU invests annually to guarantee access to the EBSCO electronic library, where students can study in a database with over 40,000 items of the business field.