BALFIN Group aims to create comfortable grounds for economies, businesses, and people to thrive. It invests in innovation, professional development, as well as the application of the highest ethical and business standards. Through sustainable operations it creates value for shareholders and communities.

It builds on the talent of its employees, synergy with partners and courage to challenge the status quo. Internal values have become the foundations of its success.


Invest in new ideas and explore new opportunities to build a better future for the communities in which we are present.


Our mission is to build strong companies while promoting innovation, creating equal opportunities for our people to grow, and having a positive footprint on society.

Our Values

BALFIN Group’s values are an integral part of the organization so that all our employees can work and succeed together. BALFIN Group takes corporate culture and values to heart, and we believe that the way we achieve results is of the same importance as the results themselves.

Our Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY – Ethics drives us
We are responsible for our actions, decisions, and our impact. We have created a culture of transparency and integrity because we believe in lasting relationships with all stakeholders. We are committed to doing the right thing and with the good intent, even in the most challenging moments.

PARTNERSHIP - We achieve together
We build strong, collaborative relationships based on transparency, trust, and mutual benefit. We leverage our expertise, resources, and networks to create value for our partners, employees, and nearby communities.

INNOVATION – We move forward
We embrace change and constantly seek to transform and improve. We encourage new ideas, approaches, and technologies that challenge conventional thinking and drive growth. We value creativity and diversity of thought, and we are not afraid to take calculated risks in pursuit of our goals.

CONSIDERATION - We are responsible
We care for our people by showing respect for their views, being attentive to their needs and feelings, as well as valuing their contributions to the workplace.

TEAMWORK - We work together
We believe that great results and personal success are achieved by working collaboratively and effectively with each other towards the common goal. We encourage employees to work together as a team, share ideas, leverage each other’s strengths, and improve themselves from others’ experience.