BALFIN Group is an organization that aims to create comfortable ground for economies, businesses, and people to grow and perform better. We invest in innovation, outstanding service, and the highest ethical and business standards. Through our sustainable operations, we create value for our shareholders and communities.

BALFIN Group’s values are an integral part of the organization so that all our employees, in all Group’s companies, can work and succeed together. BALFIN Group takes corporate culture and our values to heart, and we believe that the way we achieve results is of the same importance as the results themselves.


Invest in new ideas and explore new opportunities to building a better future for the communities in which we are present.


Our mission is to build strong companies, while endowing innovation, creating equal opportunities for our people to grow and have a positive footprint to society.

Our Values

At BALFIN Group, we build our business on the talent of our people, the synergy of our partnerships, continuous innovation, the courage to challenge the “status quo”, and good relationships with our shareholders. The values of our company have always been the strong fundamentals of our success.

Our Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY – Ethics drive us
We practice and influence the highest business standards in a transparent and ethical way. We treat our employees, our partners and our customers with regard, dignity, honesty and impartiality. We encourage novel perspectives, do our best to stay connected and engaged through the open exchange of ideas and recognize high performance. Believing in our people and our partners, recognizing their feedback and contribution facilities our way of growing further.

PARTNERSHIP - Achieving together
We make our strongest contribution through collaboration and trustful relationships. Contributing with our expertise, professionalism and capitals, we provide solid foundations to our partnerships and guarantee success. All BALFIN Group companies, employees and partners benefit from the synergy and mutual exchange of experiences and achieve the best results.

INNOVATION – Challenge new ideas
We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. The only constant in life is change and we believe that in order to stay relevant we must constantly improve, upgrade and innovate. Through embracing human values and diversity, we drive innovation and creativity in all aspects of our business.

CONSIDERATION - We are Responsible
We show maximum responsibility and respect for employees, partners, customers and communities where we operate. We participate in businesses that offer opportunities to people, develop economies and create values for society.